Thursday, May 27, 2010

To abide in Christ's
is to make His love your

Reduced Acid Coffee and Anniversaries

Yes there really is such a thing! I found out about it from a neighbor. She had (hers broke after many many years of use) a Toddy Coffee Maker . After having some issues with my gull bladder I determined, among other foods, that coffee was agitating my innards. I started a cycle of refraining from coffee intake, to a cup a week, to a cup a day until agitation again. Round and round I went. After seeing the price tag on the Toddy I thought I would do a little research and try a home contraption. I found a blog that got my started. I got out an old applesauce jar, filled it with filtered water and added my coffee grinds. I used the same measurements for making a 5 cup pot. After letting the concoction sit on the counter for 24 hours I rubber banded a couple layers of cheese cloth to the top, turned the jar upside down and rested it in a 1/2 gallon jar. I stuck this in the refrig and waited, and waited and waited. I didn't have a grinder so I think my pre-ground grains were too fine. It did drip but it was extremely slow. I found the easiest way to get a cup was to run it through a strainer and few times, then brew it with a coffee filter. Yes I put the brown liquid into the coffee pot where the water would go and an empty filter in the brewing portion. It worked AND all the effort was worth it 'cause as long as I limit myself to one or one and a half cups a day the gull bladder does not protest.

My sweet husband were married 15 years ago today. We had sort of agreed not to get each other gifts BUT he cheated - guess what he got me!! A coffee grinder and a french press! Won't this make my AM coffee a breeze!! So now do I feel like a heel for not getting him anything? No way, I know he really enjoys picking out his own presents anyway the turkey :-).

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Day In Our Life

We had a lot of fun at Grandma Rose's house today. The kids pulled each other in the wagon.
Baruch made a dragon fly into a pet :-) Poor little dragon fly. When Baruch showed it to me sitting so serenely on his hand he announced, "see mom it's my pet. I clipped his wings so he can't fly."
They loved stomping in the creek that runs through her lot.
After naps Baruch showed me a robin's nest by our front porch,

Some baby bunnies in a nest near the tree fort. They are so well camouflaged I am amazed they could be discovered.and these baby birds - grackles we think - which is a bummer because they are so mean to the nice song birds. This nest is in our front bushes. We really have tons of nature in our little paradise here :-)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Abram and Chloe!!!

My bundle of energy boy turned 4 on Friday!

My soft little girl is two today!

We celebrated with Pa and Grandma Saturday!!

We had a wonderful day Saturday with Pa and Grandma here. They arrived in the AM and we celebrated Birthdays with cupcakes, real whipped cream and PRESENTS!! After a bit of play time we had sloppy joes and cauliflower soup for lunch. Funny but the soup turned out soapy tasting. I don't think I rinsed the blender well enough. What a bummer. The little ones went down for naps around 1:30. I folded a bit of laundry in between rocking Chloe. She had a hard time settling down. Then I took a shower and the older three and I headed out to buy cups and ice as I was providing punch at the piano recital. The recital started at 4:00. Their poor teacher works for Old Navy and was scheduled that day so came for the recital on her break! It was so sweet to see each child perform. The youngest was 5 years old. Mary E. was the oldest at 12 years old. Each child was truly precious to watch and did a wonderful job. They were each so happy when their piece was finished and they were bowing. You could tell all of them really practiced hard. We went to visit a friends mom at a nursing home this AM and the children played their pieces for her and actually did a better job than at the recital. They were SO nervous at the recital.

Happy Birthday Abram and Chloe!!!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Man returns from afar

Whew! I never new 3 days could seem like an eternity. The saying is true, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Drew left at 4:30 AM Wed. for a NAPFA meeting in Chicago. He came home Friday night at 7:39 PM! I sure missed him. While he was away I realized afresh how much I love him, need him, depend on him, seek his counsel, enjoy his humor, long for his embrace, light up when he smiles. I am one happy Mama to have him home. The kids were so cute wanting to show him everything as soon as he walked in the door. B - Dad, look what I made Abram for his birthday. J - Dad, come and see what I discovered you can do on garage band. A - Dad, come see my birthday ecard from Aunt Terry. Abi - Dad, I was so nervous when I played my recital piece tonight I was just shaking all over. C - En daddy, home! daddy home!! Dad, dad, dad!!! Ah, now the children are all tucked in, Drew is fast asleep and I just finished cleaning the laundry room. It provides me a sense of accomplishment, even if it only lasts one day.

Meals are never the same when Dad isn't home. It can be a nice break to just eat wherever we find ourselves. Minimizes clean up but I sure missed the stimulating supper conversation!

Bathroom Update #6

Drew's folks came a couple weekends ago and I neglected to get this update posted until now. Drew and his dad put a light in right as you walk in the bathroom door. Drew plans to build shelves there. It would otherwise be wasted space. Storage space is so wonderful to have. Since I don't have any closets on the first floor, I make the most of the space I have upstairs. I am by no means complaining. We changed our downstairs closet into a bathroom many years ago and it has been a wonderful blessing. Plus I have an enviable pantry on the first floor. It's funny. I don't really think that much about how wonderful my pantry is until someone comes to visit and says how much they wish they had a pantry like mine. Power of suggestion is so strong. Words are very powerful! So the upstairs bathroom is coming along bit by bit. Oh and Drew has also given the ceiling two coats of paint!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sewing Bug

Mary E. started the sewing bug by making beautiful matching skirts for herself and Abi. I caught the bug and added a strip of the skirt fabric to a t-shirt for Chloe. Now, the bug has really gotten a hold of me and I am putting some dresses together. Chloe is wearing a scrap of the fabric I am working with on her head.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What am I feeding my children?

I found this post so convicting and encouraging.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Picture of Marriage

Happy Anniversary

Your lives reflect Christ and His church!

Thank you for the testimony of your Ten Years of Marriage!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Cleaning and A New Laundry Room

Way back when, a long long time ago. . . O.k. it wasn't that long ago really. Just a year and a bit ago, I posted about our spring cleaning but couldn't get my slide show to play because we didn't have high speed internet. We now have You squared. . . so here is the slide show!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I have had quite a self centered week really. I mean my week just didn't go the best. Looking back it is so clear why. I was self focused instead of Christ focused. So with that behind me I look forward to a week of enjoying Christ, which in turns means, enjoying my role as His child, Drew's wife and M. J. A. B. A. and C.'s mother! I have enjoyed mothering them so much and am so blessed to have them for children. Pity I am so selfish much of the time. Praise God His mercies are new every morning!!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Fur Melvin and Fur Davey (not Fur Elise)

A Composition Fur Davey and a Composition Fur Melvin From Jacob

Yes Cob has seen too many Muppet videos. Does he remind you of the dog that plays the piano?

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