Monday, June 30, 2008

Baruch saved up for a Mouse (He named her butter)

Abram said "I read to Chloe One "(my nickname for Chloe)

Marilyn and her Mom Visit

Marilyn and her Mom came over Sunday night to meet Chloe. We had a
nice visit. I think Mary enjoyed it the most as she learned a new
crochet pattern. Mrs. R. reminds me a lot of Leona. She doesn't
quite have Grandma's whistle but she sure loves to crochet and knit.
She is very into crafts like Grandma was. We were blessed to have
them come.

Marilyn's Mom holding Chloe

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fellowship on Saturday

We had some great fellowship Saturday night with our NC friends. I was especially encouraged talking to Mr. B. Thanks to Dennis and Tessi keeping track of my children!!!!!!, I had a wonderful conversation with him. Enjoyed talking to Bill and Fran too and Jacob liked all the catch going on.

Frank loved holding Chloe

Elizabeth and Lydia

Fran and Frank

Priscilla, Grace and Abi

Mary and Fran

Josh, Frank and Jason

Fellowship with Fran

Abi and Cora

Jeremiah, Laura, Violet and Mary (Abram in the background finishing Abi's desert)

Awesome Brother

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Jacob

The BIG Nine years old! Jacob turned nine on Sunday. Andrew came
over to play Saturday as a precursor to Sundays celebration (as he
has no boy cousins his age) He felt very honored at Grandma and Pa's
house! Here are some pictures from both events.

Sundays Celebration!

More of Sunday

Dennis and Drew, Andrew and Cob

Please Pray

Pray for Ellen V.  The pathology report revealed cancer cells in 3 of
the 5 lymph nodes removed during surgery last week.  The surgeon
would like to remove the rest of the lymph nodes under her right
arm.  Surgery is scheduled for this Thursday at 1:00 pm at Mercy
Hospital.  Pray for Rick, Ellen and their family at this very
difficult time.  Pray for a successful outcome in the surgery.

Christy and I

Spring Cleaning

Christy, Marissa, Aubrea, Leandra (all teenagers) and their Mother
Kathy came today (Thur. June 19) and in the name of the Lord Jesus
and for His glory gave my kitchen the best spring cleaning it has
EVER had. They also washed all the windows in the house! What a
boost for the entire family. I have been praising the Lord for their
willingness and HARD work since before they even came! Just knowing
they were coming encouraged me greatly.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day to The World's Best Dad!

My Favorite Family Activities by Mary E.

I have two favorite family activities. They are bike riding and
having family conversations. My first favorite family activity is
bike riding. I like to pretend that my bike is a horse when I am
riding it. My second favorite family activity is having supper
conversations. I like having supper conversations because Daddy
knows all the answers. Bike riding and having supper conversations
are my favorite family activities.

Running with the Kids

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Haircuts for the Boys

Chloe's First Trip to McDonalds

Meeting Aunt Kari, Andria, Grant and Anna

We met Aunt Kari at McDonald's on Thursday. She was heading to Guttenberg to see Grandma Ruth.

Playing at McDonalds

We were originally going to meet at the park but the morning turned up rainy so we met at McDonalds. Here's Mary up about 8 feet. The kids really enjoyed the play time.

Anna's Birthday Presents

Anna turned 11 on Monday. So she opened some gifts from the older three kids. The kids were so excited to give Anna their gifts. It is more blessed to give than to receive. Jacob was happy to produce a knife to help open the box. We had originally sent the box to Anna through Grandma and Pa as I didn't know we would be getting together.

We Love You Grant!

It is more blessed to give than to receive

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