Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Man returns from afar

Whew! I never new 3 days could seem like an eternity. The saying is true, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Drew left at 4:30 AM Wed. for a NAPFA meeting in Chicago. He came home Friday night at 7:39 PM! I sure missed him. While he was away I realized afresh how much I love him, need him, depend on him, seek his counsel, enjoy his humor, long for his embrace, light up when he smiles. I am one happy Mama to have him home. The kids were so cute wanting to show him everything as soon as he walked in the door. B - Dad, look what I made Abram for his birthday. J - Dad, come and see what I discovered you can do on garage band. A - Dad, come see my birthday ecard from Aunt Terry. Abi - Dad, I was so nervous when I played my recital piece tonight I was just shaking all over. C - En daddy, home! daddy home!! Dad, dad, dad!!! Ah, now the children are all tucked in, Drew is fast asleep and I just finished cleaning the laundry room. It provides me a sense of accomplishment, even if it only lasts one day.

Meals are never the same when Dad isn't home. It can be a nice break to just eat wherever we find ourselves. Minimizes clean up but I sure missed the stimulating supper conversation!

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