Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reduced Acid Coffee and Anniversaries

Yes there really is such a thing! I found out about it from a neighbor. She had (hers broke after many many years of use) a Toddy Coffee Maker . After having some issues with my gull bladder I determined, among other foods, that coffee was agitating my innards. I started a cycle of refraining from coffee intake, to a cup a week, to a cup a day until agitation again. Round and round I went. After seeing the price tag on the Toddy I thought I would do a little research and try a home contraption. I found a blog that got my started. I got out an old applesauce jar, filled it with filtered water and added my coffee grinds. I used the same measurements for making a 5 cup pot. After letting the concoction sit on the counter for 24 hours I rubber banded a couple layers of cheese cloth to the top, turned the jar upside down and rested it in a 1/2 gallon jar. I stuck this in the refrig and waited, and waited and waited. I didn't have a grinder so I think my pre-ground grains were too fine. It did drip but it was extremely slow. I found the easiest way to get a cup was to run it through a strainer and few times, then brew it with a coffee filter. Yes I put the brown liquid into the coffee pot where the water would go and an empty filter in the brewing portion. It worked AND all the effort was worth it 'cause as long as I limit myself to one or one and a half cups a day the gull bladder does not protest.

My sweet husband were married 15 years ago today. We had sort of agreed not to get each other gifts BUT he cheated - guess what he got me!! A coffee grinder and a french press! Won't this make my AM coffee a breeze!! So now do I feel like a heel for not getting him anything? No way, I know he really enjoys picking out his own presents anyway the turkey :-).

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