Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cute Stuff Giveaway

Some blogs have these giveaways. . . and if you promote them you can enter the giveaway drawing. So I am promoting and entering ;-) This blog has some incredibly cute ideas so hop over and be inspired in your home decorating.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Canoeing, Camera Dunking and School Planning

We had a great time canoeing with Drew's Dad and Mom on Monday Aug. 16th. We were planning to canoe on Tuesday but first thing Mon. AM Drew called and said it was suppose to rain Tuesday so I should prepare to go today and we were going to spend the night. So off we went! Abram missed his nap so he slept when we got to the lake. Everyone else went out in canoes so I stayed behind and started some much needed school planning. I have had ideas of what this school year would look like but it was great to get it all on paper. I decided my ambitions needed some taming to become realistic. Unfortunately while I was happily planning Drew (wearing the camera) slipped off a drop off across the lake in the swimming area. I have really missed our camera. We tried to dry it out and it did work, some, but now it doesn't work at all. :-( I have been super busy cleaning and planning. I have been going to bed at 9:30 so I can get up early for some alone time in God's word. It has been such a blessing. I am not planning to keep the blog as updated this school year. I just finished our schedule on the google calendar and it is FULL!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Snapshot Summary #8

7 - Aug. 2010 Organization

14 - Aug. 2010 - Circus Performers in the Making


Rebuilding Canoe Rack to hold three canoes total

Hurt Baby Toe

Apple juicing and Applesauce producing

Picnic Prizes

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baby Talk

Chloe pronounces things awfully cute. One of my favorites is "wim soup" translated "swim suit".

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Snapshot Summary #7

2 - August, 2010
Tennis Tournaments

Jacob played first, at 8 AM. He did such a great job serving and volleying. He won his first game. His second game, he lost like a man! I was proud of him!!

We spent much of the day waiting for the next game. Mary won her first game also. She said she and her opponent were equally bad at serving. I will attest to that :-). Her second game was much more exciting to watch with many great volleys, even though she didn't win.

After supper we headed to the fair grounds to pick up the girls entries.

Abi's rag doll.

Mary made the dress, shawl and bonnet on the doll, as well as the purses.

She stitched the shawl out of embroidery floss. She also trimmed the lace with embroidery floss. I thought she did a fantastic job and hoped this would have gotten a best of show ribbon. I am her mother after all :-)


3 - August, 2010

Hurray! Abi won her last game. She played three in all. Her games went much faster than the older kids.

That afternoon was so incredibly hot we were thankful to cool off in the creek! The kids had such a good time splashing and swimming.

Keziah, Mary and Abi

Baruch and Ezra

Hersey really helps Abram overcome his fear of dogs. She is such a sweet, tolerant little thing! Thanks for letting Abram "walk" her Kathy ;-)

4 - August, 2010
We went to the library in the morning. The children participated in the summer reading program and had finished their last two weeks of reading. They happily picked out their prizes. I packed the camera but was too busy supervising to take any pictures.
Bible Study - I am so thankful to be doing a Bible study with our neighbors, John and Miriam. Drew and I have wanted to do a home Bible study for many years and have been seeking and praying for an opportunity. The Lord has opened the door and we are blessed to be meeting once a week. We have four weeks of our "Christianity Explained" series left to do.

5 - August, 2010
We had a lovely visit with Drew's cousin and her daughter. They are staying with Drew's folks and came for a taco dinner. We celebrated Drew's mom's b-day with pear pie, happy birthday to you. I couldn't find the camera anywhere :-(. Turns out it was in the library bag. Such is life, we will just have to fix the celebration in our minds.

6 - August, 2010
Friday morning we went grocery shopping. After lunch Julia and Mrs. K. came over. Mary had been working up a play for Julia to be in. After we watched the play we enjoyed some cookies and tea for a little cast party. Julia made a lovely princess. After supper we scrambled to have showers and dress up for. . .

Matt and Mary's wedding! Here are a few pictures of the big event.

Andrew and Priscilla-

Ring Bearer and Junior Bride

Charge to Matt and Mary

Lydia and Vanessa

These were set next to the gift table. There were little bags for the kids to fill with candy. They also had a very nice "kids corner" set up with plastic bowling pins and ball, candyland game, large legos and a little table with giant coloring sheets, markers and crayons for the kids. That was so very thoughtful!

Abi, Eliora, Cilla and Grace

7 - August, 2010
Projects!! We have not had a weekend at home for months and needed to get some projects checked off the never ending project list. We didn't check them all off but got a LOT done, none the less.

In planning for the upcoming school year I had hopes and dreams of moving some of the books down from the attic into the office/music room/guest room. To do so, however I needed more shelves. I devised a plan of putting an existing shelf on its side and putting a board across the middle for another shelf. Drew said the shelf, being made of pressboard wouldn't work for modifying. I was giving my idea to the Lord when I came out to the garage to find Drew building a shelf from plywood! I slapped a coat of paint on it - wah lah. Way better than my plan would have EVER turned out. Thank you Lord! Thank you my sweet husband!

The life jackets and helmets used to be all clipped together, hanging in a big MESS! I saw a piece of pvc with lifejackets on it when we were at Aunt Maxine's cottage. Drew made the pipe much shorter so we can each have a peg.

Then he hung up the fishing poles! And cleaned out the garage to fit the cars in again! Amazing!!

He also took the time to help Cob get started on his project (below)

The beginning of a canoe paddle, inspired by his friend Silas.

8 - August, 2010

Mary plays a soft piece for our guests.

Mark tells Jacob a joke.

I am so glad Fran and Bill

feel at home here!

Me and my lollicob (read "Mr. Putter Walks the Dog" by Cynthia Rylant if you want to know the story behind my calling Cob my lollicob)

Frank really enjoyed listening to Mary play the piano. He also loved to watch and interact with Chloe.

My friend Therese took these two pictures. It was so hot outside the kids were beat red and super sweaty from playing so hard.

Abi, Abram, Grace, Baruch


Pete and Kathy were planning to join us tonight but couldn't. Poor Ezra slashed his foot wide open on a nail. OUCH! He had 9 stitches :-(


9 - August, 2010

We stopped over with a balloon for Ezra late in the morning. I was surprised at how well he was doing and am praying he will continue to recover well.

We enjoyed having Laura C. here for some fellowship, food and another play! Mary is really a great director. No pictures this go around. Maybe next time :-)

That wraps up another week of triumphs and failures!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Family Picture

Thanks Aubrea and the choreographers :-)

Monday, August 02, 2010

Snapshot Summary #6


27 - July, 2010

We had a decent time at the fair. It was extremely hot. Everyone really enjoyed the "Wild Animal Show". The guy really kept things moving and brought out some amazing animals. We mainly came to the fair to see how the girls came out with their entries. They both got first place - blue ribbons. Mary on her four items and Abi on her rag doll. I personally thought Mary's doll dress should have won a Best of Show ribbon but I am her mother :-)

28 - July, 2010

I met some friends at a park and one of them explained "Tapestry of Grace" curriculum to all of us. It was very informative and a wonderful time of fellowship with like-minded home schooling mothers. The mom who explained the curriculum brought along her daughters to watch the rest of us mom's children. I am very impressed with each of these daughters. They really seem to have a heart to serve the Lord and bring glory to His Name. I am only sorry I forgot my camera.

29 - July, 2010

We had our second Bible study with a couple in our neighborhood. We are going through the Gospel of Mark and so far it has been wonderful. I must say, Drew is an awesome Bible study leader. He is an amazing man!


30 - July, 2010

We enjoyed a visit from our good friend Carol. She loves the kids and it was really good to have her stop by for a bit. The children have been unusually wild for several days. Before Carol came we made our weekly Aldi run. The kids were SO amazingly helpful while we were rushing through the store checking off our list. BUT, when I was waiting to pay they were so out of control it was unbearable. We made it through and I was able to be thankful and didn't get angry. I did correct, and it was way more effective because I was thankful! Pictured below are Abi and Baruch using up some of their endless energy resource. Literally climbing the walls.

Saturday 31 - July, 2010

We got an early start to Pa and Grandma's. Drew had plans to extend the tongue on our trailer. He put in a very full days work with his Dad. Jacob and Abram stayed at Pa and Grandma's while the other four children came with me to visit Uncle Ron and Aunt Kari's farmet. Here are the pictures of the fun Baruch, Abi and Mary had playing with Anna. Kari and I prepared food, cleaned up after everybody, took Chloe for a walk/nap, and had some time for talking and enjoying each other's company.

About 4:45 ish I headed over to Pa and Grandma's for supper. We had a really nice meal all together. We were only missing Grant who showed up a bit later when he was done with work. The kids really enjoyed riding bikes and just running around. Chloe LOVED these little dress up shoes Grandma had found garage saling and clomped all around in them.

1 - August, 2010
Little did I know Saturday night we were going to head back to Pa and Grandma's first thing Sunday morning. After a nice sleep in I showered and dressed and headed down to start in on getting the children ready. Drew had left the trailer and after thinking more about it decided we should really go down and finish the project. He was concerned the trailer tongue would begin to rust if it wasn't painted promptly. In 15 minutes flat we headed out the door with spaghetti for supper, children dressed, pancakes packed and the dishwasher started. Grandma was so cute, when we met them at their church for fellowship she kept saying "Oh lucky day, oh lucky day". We sure always feel a warm welcome at Pa and Grandma's! We enjoyed their church service and had another nice day - well, naps were a bit rough, but all in all it was nice :-). Pictures of the new and improved tongue have not been taken as of yet.

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