Friday, March 31, 2017

It's Show Time . . . Therefore, It's Costume Construction Time!

Abram and Chloe are in a cute Spanish/English play called Martina y Perez.  Abram is a squirrel and Chloe is one of three children who introduce the show.

I worked on Chloe's costume, as well as one of the other children who do the intro, and here is what I came up with.

$1 dollar head bands I found at Wal Mart with flowers I found at Good Will.  I paid $0.88 for the whole bundle of roses!

Skirt for Chloe was found by the head costume mom at Good Will.  I just had to alter it to fit Chloe!

Here is the other skirt I altered for the other intro girl. She will also wear the red/white rose head band.

Here are the other ideas I have.  These are photos from other peoples blogs and websites that I have visited as I have researched the other costumes I am going to help with. I haven't made any of these yet. Maybe if I have time I will put the finished product in another post. :+)

These are my favorite Squirrel Ears
Inline image 1

And this is my favorite Squirrel tail

Inline image 2

Bunny tail possibility # 1
Inline image 3

Bunny tail possibility #2

Inline image 4
If I use the pom pom idea I would do tan with some brown interspersed in there as the bunny costume is light tan-ish.

Favorite Chipmunk tail
Inline image 5

and if these ears were made of the same fur as the above tail AND made a little smaller these would be my favorite chipmunk ears.

So, it looks like I have a fun weekend of costuming ahead!!!!
Oh AND I would like to sew some white fleece on the front of the grey squirrel shirt and the brown chipmunk shirt! 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

My boys really love the stuff this guy comes up with.

background image