Monday, March 20, 2006

Jacob's Finger

I was brave. The splinter is gone! Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Jacob

When the nurse asked how it happened Jacob said, "I was just walking by the office and scrapped against the door." Dr. Isaacs used novocain to numb the finger which was by far the worst part. Drew said he only screamed (at the top of his lungs so that anyone within a 10 room radius could hear) for 10 seconds. Then it was numb. The splinter removal, which involved a long knife, forceps, digging and lots of blood took approximately 3 minutes. The big event was over and the pain has been minimal if any today.

Baruch helped me cut the cake

Beth's Birthday weekend

Drew and I went on a date Friday night. We had a lovely meal at the Olive Garden. On the way home we stopped for some chicken grit. Drew presented me with a cell phone for my Birthday when the phone began to ring. We were in the parking lot and he thought it was the babysitter following his instructions to call and sign Happy Birthday to me. He was right, it was the baby sitter, but the only song was Jacob's in the background. It was more like a wail. He had gotten a splinter from the doorway in the office. We were on our way home in a flash. The poor guy is still in quite a bit of pain any time he or anyone else touches that finger. The splinter is lodged under the nail and goes all the way down to the quick! Our trim is pine, which is a very soft wood and I cannot get a hold of it to pull it out. We went back and forth as to whether to take him into the Dr.'s office and decied to try drawing salve and wait for morning. So it was off to brush teeth and get everyone in bed.

The morning came all too quickly. I had trouble sleeping and woke up unusually early for me, 7am. I stumbled down to the basement to get a load of laundry started and was greeted by Mary, Jacob and Abigail saying happy birthday mom! When can you open your presents? After a wonderfully easy to prepare breakfast of boxed cereal everyone sang to me and we indulged in the Marble Cheesecake I had baked Friday. I opened the gifts they so thoughtfully wrapped. Measuring spoons, Bag clips, and measuring cups from none other than The Pampered Chef! Drew got everyone saying how thankful they were for my good cooking and I really do feel pampered. By 9am we were on the road to The Bargain Nooks as you receive 50% off on anything purchased on your birthday. We hit the Darlington Bargain Nook first, then Mineral Point, then Platteville. We were a bit late getting home. We were planning to meet Drew's Mom and Dad back at the house at 1PM. It was 1:50 by the time we got home. Thankfully though I could give them a call and let them know we were running behind. There were many bargains to be had. Drew found several dress shirts for work. I found a lovely 75$ periwinkle swim suit for 4$, and XXL Pajamas and a matching robe totaling 7$. Other "finds" were boots for next winter, tennis shoes for each of the kids for this summer. The list goes on and on. The kids really enjoyed the afternoon with Grandma and Pa. Grandma had come prepared with a stack of books which I think she went horse reading to the kids all afternoon. Drew and I took a tour of the hospital we will deliver the baby at. Because of insurance changes we have not delivered at Finely since Jacob was born in 1999. They have update the facilities. There were more rooms, two of which have birthing tubs in them. We will be delivering with a midwife and were informed the midwives always get one of these two rooms. The tour made Drew a bit nervous as he always feels so helpless during the delivery. It was comforting to me. I like to have an idea of what my surroundings will be when the birth pangs hit. Bill made wonderful chicken soup which we had for supper. We had peach pie and ice cream for dessert (which Bill and Mary had brought). All in all I had a great day and felt very honored. Thanks for the cards, gifts, phone calls and e-mails everyone!

Mary Elisabeth woke up with a headache in the night. She threw up 5 times by 7AM. She, Abigail, Baruch and I skipped church this morning. The day was beautiful here. 45 and sunny. I was so tired when Drew and Jacob got home I went up for a nap. When I awoke Drew and the kids were finishing the chicken pen outside the garage. After the escape last week a roof needed to be added. Drew used the fence David built for his garden for the three sides, (the fourth being the garage itself) which worked great. Thank you David and Renee for passing that on to us. Mary Elisabeth was her old self! I got a bit of painting done on the girls room before supper. While I was waiting on the noodles I took a look at Jacob's splinter. A bit of pus squirted out when I touch it, and it was a bit red. I plan to call the Dr. in the morning. Drew thinks we should take him in and have it removed. After supper I met three ladies from church at Village Inn for a birthday tradition, ladies night out!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Boys Freshly Painted Room before decorations

Hope to put up some cactus on the bottom, clouds and a sun on the top. Some hooks for the boys chaps, hat and holsters. Finished bandana fabric curtains on Saturday. Will post a finished product picture as soon as the project is finished!

Some March Happenings

Jacob was rushing into the house yesterday to tell us there was a dog outside. Baruch was standing in front of the door. I am not exactly sure how, but Baruch's baby toe on his left foot has a huge gash on the underside as a result of Jacob's abrupt entry. It was so bad I could hardly stand to look at it. Drew said it was like role reversal 'cause usually he is the one that can't take the sight of blood. It was just before Drew was leaving for a meeting. He held Baruch while I fed everyone, then passed him off. Poor Baruch, when he finally did get down to walk on it he hobbled around on the heal with his toes high in the air. It truly was a pitiful sight. He was still walking like that on it most of today. Finally walked on it normal tonight. This morning Jacob went out to feed the chickens. We had tried feeding them scraps a couple times last week and they didn't seem too interested, so per Kari's suggestion I mashed everything up in the blender yesterday. They gobbled it down! Cob was taking out this mornings mashings and thought he would open the trap door to let them out so he could get a better angle to scape in the mash. ANYWAY long story short, before long I had a screaming boy on my hands paniced because his precious Bawk Bawk was roaming in the alley. Between the two of us we were able to get Bawk Bawk safely back in her home. She and all the others enjoyed their mash! We are going to a 10 week Bible Study on Ephesians which is meeting at Emmaus Bible College and consists of families from our church. Tonight was week 4 and covered Ephesian 2:11-3:13. It has been very good study. Tomorrow night our supervising teacher comes. I always appreciate her input and knowing she is coming keeps me motivated to stay on task most days. Friday night Drew and I have a sitter lined up and hope to have a dinner date. Then Saturday MAYBE we will get that girls room painted once and for all! Drew did do the ceiling last Saturday and I got all the holes patched today. There were tons as the former home owners had shelving on two walls which we are not putting back up.

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