Sunday, October 28, 2007

Back in Computer Land with BIG NEWS

WOW! It has been a long time since this machine has been functioning. I have missed communicating with friends and family but have been so busy otherwise hardly even noticed it was on the brink. A lot has gone on around here in the past month and a half. Drew completely finished painting the house! It looks awesome. He also painted the upstairs porch floor. Abi turned 6! Mary turned 10! We started up school again. The older three started piano lessons again. I am so thankful their teacher comes here every Thursday and they all really seem to be enjoying the lessons. We have spent a number of Sundays helping Drew's folks clean out their Guttenberg house and enjoyed visiting Drew's Grandma on those days. Otherwise the "a lot" of goings on around here is due to the fact that there are a lot of us :-). Which brings me to our BIGGEST NEWS. Lord willing around June 1st we will be increasing the tribe by one. It is funny about 5 weeks ago we were in Guttenberg and I was telling Drew's cousins wife I thought my quiver was full as I am maxed out with the 5 wonderful children we have. Even as I said that I thought Beth be careful you are probably expecting another. I am thankful the Lord knows what I can handle. He wants me to rely completely on him for each life in this house. I once heard a preacher say two things last for eternity, the souls of men and the word of God. He encouraged us listeners to invest our time in these two things. I am so thankful for the opportunity to invest in each of the children the Lord has blessed us with. Please REJOICE and PRAY with us as we thank God for this new life.

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