Thursday, June 25, 2009

Slab Construction Day Two

The day dawned hot and muggy, excitement filled the air.  The rerod was down and cement truck arrived.

Just after the above picture was taken I took off to take the older three to tennis lessons.  The little ones and I came back home to check progress.  While we were away a news flash informed of a coming storm!  The men pulled a huge tarp over the slab and the rain fell.

After the rain the guys came back and smoothed the slab again.  The slab, however was compromised by the covering/rain so there are a few dips and one puddle spot.  Never the less, we are enjoying playing on it.  The puddle should only enhance our fun, right :-)!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Slab Construction Day One

Construction for a basketball slab began Wednesday AM.  

The Bobcat made light work of the grass (creeping charley) in our yard.  Next thing we new the gravel was being moved from the alley to within the forms.  There was suppose to be 5 tons delivered. . . had that been the case our slab would have been poured Wednesday  BUT

only about 2 1/2 tons were delivered leaving 3 tons to be hauled by truck and unloaded one shovel full at a time into the forms.

The above picture shows how things looked at the end of a very full days work.

Such excitement attracted our neighbors down the alley.  Does the slab get finished?  Find out tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Laundry Room Thumbs Up

I am absolutely, positively, hands down, thumbs up LOVING my new laundry room. My favorite feature is the location. You just can't beat a laundry room on the same level as the bedrooms. My second favorite feature of all the crazy things is the utility sink. Chloe and Abram take their baths (separately) in the oversized sink. I am saving TONS of water this way and I don't break my back bending over the tub. So while the little ones are little this is a great resource saver.   I also love having the HUGE folding shelf.  There is room for everyone to have their own pile.  Often the kids just get dressed right in the laundry room, eliminate put away.  So for those of you who have been asking how I am liking my new laundry room, wonder no more!

Saturday, June 06, 2009


Mary, Chloe and I returned from the NICHE (Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators) Conference around 8:30 PM Saturday night.  We left at 6:30 AM on Friday.  What a wonderfully encouraging experience.  In the past when I've attending NICHE I have felt very overwhelmed. . . unable to decide which workshops to go to, curriculum overload, too many people in the halls to navigate, too confusing a layout of the buildings to navigate . . .  I prayed for peace, trust and enjoyment for the two days of sessions and curriculum shopping and the Lord gave me a wonderful time. Every time I would start stressing I would pray.  The weekend could not have been more relaxing and encouraging!  Exhausting yes, yet relaxing and encouraging if that makes sense.  I came away with a strong conviction I need to be "training up my children in the way they should go";  a conviction that discipleship is key in home education, in fact home education IS home discipleship.   I am here, at home with my children for the purpose of instilling in them a love for God Almighty and teaching them of His attributes/character traits.

~ Hearing Voddie Baucham speak.

~ Spending time with Sara and seeing her lovely family.

~ Running into my friend Debbi.

~ Getting to spend one on one time with Mary Elisabeth.

~ Spending time with Jenn, it was short but very sweet.

Here are some pictures of the fun that took place here at the house in our absence.

Drew and the other four children had a nice time while we were away.  Man, am I thankful to be home, surrounded by my lovely tribe!

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