Friday, June 21, 2013

Snapshot Summary #54 (month of June)

Aunt Terry Visits

We traveled to Iowa City for Jacob's Honor's recital.
warming up

Mary, Cob, I

Mary, Cob

Mary, Cob

Mary, Aunt Terry, Cob

Mary, Aunt Terry, Cob

Cob received a metal for winning state

And then it was done!  He played beautifully, as did all of the participants. Very nice concert!

Cob and his teacher, Sharon Jensen

Mary and her teacher, Sharon Jensen

more fun with Aunt Terry

Mary learns some cake decorating

The cross country team she runs for is called the "Pink Flamingos"

Piano Lesson Time

Cob and one of his students, Eli

Abi gets a lesson from Meghan

Mary teaches Isaac (in the newly finished attic, which is another post)

Baruch plays with his helicopter

Somehow I failed to get a single picture of Father's Day : (
We enjoyed the day at Jones County Park with Bill, Mary and some friends form church. I think all the guys felt honored in their positions of father's and heads of the household!  : )

Camping at Devil's Lake Wisconsin

The water was crystal clear. Canoeing was awesome.

Abi caught 20 + little fish and minnows!

Hiking was spectacular!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Snapshot Summary #53 (the month of May)

History Night

Squirrel the children caught and released

Sand Box Fun 

Mother's Day

Fun with Friends

Abram's Birthday

Abram in the "El Zorro" Costume I made him

Chloe's Birthday
Chloe turned 5 so this was a party year for her.  Here are some pics from her party.
Rob and Erin

Penny and Amber

Jim, Amber and Penny


Emily (me, Abi, Chloe)

(Abi, Chloe) Eli


More celebrating when Grandma and Pa come.
Cob and Grandma get in a good game :)

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