Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lydia and Vanessa Baby Sit

Two young girls from our assembly came over Friday night so Drew and I could have a date. This was all part of my Birthday week of course :-).

We spent the later portion of the day watching two professionals down our elm tree in the back corner of the yard. They came around 1:00 PM working steady until 5:30 PM. The kids watched the entire time with fascination. They brought in a huge crane. It really was spectacular. Pete and three of his kids stopped over around 4:45 to cut branches and gear up for hauling the big stuff to their place. They have a wood burner for heat. I left to get the "baby sitters", came home, everyone had pizza. Pete and the kids took off, and Drew and I left for a movie. We saw Amazing Grace. The movie was okay. Not the best movie I've ever seen. The movie portrayed Wilburforce' experience with "faith" as ambiguous. In reality the promises of God's Word so gripped him his life changed forever.

Story Time

Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Birthday

My Birthday dawned crisp and sunny. The kids served me an egg and toast in bed. We made it out the door for church in record time. I taught the kids Sunday school class, brought some treats and had them all sing to me :-). Our lesson was on Peter walking on water and Jesus calming the storm. The kids did great with the memory verse John 14:1 Jesus said "Do not let your heart be trouble trust in God, trust also in Me." Drew's Dad and Mom came for church, I took Baruch and Abram downstairs so everyone in the congregation could listen to the message:-). Drew and the kids gave me a recap of Gary's message on the way to the Bargain Nook in Platteville. The sermon was excellent, very practicle and much needed in my life. It was on Eph. 5 and the husband/wife relationship. Due to it being my birthday I got 50% off our Bargain Nook purchases. Our biggest find was kids shoes in excellent condition. For those of you who don't know the Bargain Nook stores operate to help the Hoden House (a handicap facility) by retailing used clothing, much of which is donated by Land's End. When we arrived home we broke out the chocolate marble cheesecake I made, stuck in a candle and everyone sang Happy Birthday to ME. Then I opened my gifts. Mary and Jacob got me a Pilates video which I have really been enjoying (o.k. I am really sore and don't see much hope in sight as I clumsily do the plank pose). Drew got me new breadpans. Drew's Mom (and Dad) gave me an awesome hot fudge sundae candle, scented drawer liners and some spending cash. After the kids were ready for bed Drew and I enjoyed a date together! All in all a very nice day.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Tax Time

While Uncle Ron and Drew work on taxes. . . Aunt Kari reads to select members of the tribe.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Andrew takes a Swing

Hiking was spectacular! Dennis took Drew, Jason, Andrew, Jacob and Mary hiking a couple Saturdays ago. I hung out with Tessi and the little ones at Dennis and Tessi's house. Drew is excited to take the whole family to this spot once the spring mud tames down a bit. They hiked up to a bluff with a beautifl view of the Mississippi. There was a vine to swing on, a stream to forge and God's glorious creation at every turn!

While the Older kids hiked. . .

Abigail and Priscilla played princess.

Hiking with Friends

Drew's Great Friend and Mentor Dennis

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