Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bathroom Update #6

Drew's folks came a couple weekends ago and I neglected to get this update posted until now. Drew and his dad put a light in right as you walk in the bathroom door. Drew plans to build shelves there. It would otherwise be wasted space. Storage space is so wonderful to have. Since I don't have any closets on the first floor, I make the most of the space I have upstairs. I am by no means complaining. We changed our downstairs closet into a bathroom many years ago and it has been a wonderful blessing. Plus I have an enviable pantry on the first floor. It's funny. I don't really think that much about how wonderful my pantry is until someone comes to visit and says how much they wish they had a pantry like mine. Power of suggestion is so strong. Words are very powerful! So the upstairs bathroom is coming along bit by bit. Oh and Drew has also given the ceiling two coats of paint!!

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Tonya said...

amen sister..I miss my man when he goes to work's great..

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