Monday, September 29, 2008

Aunt Jean and her fiance Lew

Click heretTo See a Video Clip of Aunt Jean. She comes after the Library and dancing.

Another Book Worm!

Today Abigail became an official book worm! It all started with
Jacob's search for reading material for the new club he started with
Baruch. Up to the attic the boys cantered. They descended carrying
the first in the Box Car Children series. The Four Hungry Children
hooked Baruch in in no time. Soon Abi wandered by. The story sucked
her in too. When Jacob laid the book down Abi picked it up. She
read ALL day long. She barely laid the book down to eat, even
ingesting it while she cleared the table, during our evening walk and
in her bed before lights out! Hooray for Abigail.


This Weeks Memory Verse

Psalm 77:13, 14
Your way, O God, is holy; What god is great like our God?
You are the God who works wonders; You have made known Your strength among the peoples.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Creative Vocabulary

This morning when I asked Abigail if she made her bed she said "yes
and it looks very compaticular" When I asked what compaticular means she said solemn which means it looks nice and ugly at the same time. Creative? Yes! :-)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Toddler Activities

My biggest challenge in a day (right now) is keeping Baruch and Abram working on something constructive. I was asking Sarah today for some ideas. Here are some of her suggestions: 1)Rice in a bowl for them to draw letters on shapes in or just play in
2)cutters and dough
3)items for them to match
I was really motivated when I got home and set up a table in the kitchen for Baruch and Abram and told them it is their school table. I found these sites on line that have more great ideas for keeping toddlers constructively busy.
Toddler Activities
Keeping Toddlers Occupied

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Star Gazing

Well. . . The star gazing didn't go quite as well as I had hoped. I
thought we could get away from the street lights by going to a field
near here but alas they were pretty bright even there. To make
matters worse it was a bit cloudy. So we enjoyed gazing up at God's
vast creation BUT couldn't be sure of any constellations. We weren't
even positive which was the North star. When we talked about the sky
Christopher Columbus gazed at we realized he would have had zero
"other light" interference. All in all it went well. We praised God
and enjoyed each other - what else is important?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Benefits of Working Out

As one of my "helps" to loosing weight I started working out.
Several people over the years have recommended pilates to me. I got
a cheap DVD from Walmart (Pilates 10 minute Solutions) and have been
fitting it into my busy day. I usually work out during naps/quiet
time. Many days I only get the 10 minute stretching portion in. My
goal is to do the 10 minute total body blast, a 10 minute focus of
either arms, waist or buns/thighs, and the 10 minute stretch.

Here are some of the ways doing pilates has benefited me.

1) Decreased desire for Sweet Foods!
2) Increased Attentiveness! (is it just me or has it really helped me
to stay focused on things?)
3) Ecstatic Feelings! (when I hear Drew praise of how I look)
4) Increased Energy!
5) Weight Loss!

Week Two of School

The new morning routine Drew instigated is awesome.  I am surely the main beneficiary which means we all are blessed!  I am trying to center our school day around an event or character in history using the Veritas Press History cards.  We started with Prince Henry the Navigator last week and were supposed to cover Christopher Columbus this week.  My plan is to use history as a springboard for a science activity or experiment.  For Prince Henry the Navigator we made a homemade compass.  For Christopher Columbus we are studying the constellations. Today is reward day for week two and I hope it is a clear night as we plan to stay up late and see how many constellations we can name.  We got a good book from the library called "The Kids Book of the Night Sky" by Ann Love and Jane Drake.  Mary made a planisphere which was one of the projects in the book.  A planisphere is a 365 day map of the night sky.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Blessing

We were hugely blessed by a visit with Steve and Laurie on Sunday.
The time flew by with good fellowship. Their children have grown so
much and were so polite at the table. They not only blessed by
feeding us lunch but sent us home with enough garden goods for this
weeks meals!

Steve the Garden Man

Beniah, Cob and Ethan

Mary, Eliora, Abi, Adrianna

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Year of CrockPotting Link

A Year of CrockPotting

The Crock Pot Lady

Kari headed me over to a really valuable blog. This lady made a new years resolution to use her crock pot every day in 2008 and there are some fabulous ideas and recipes on her sight. I made the Potatoes Augratin recipe tonight and am planning to make the applesauce tomorrow. Day 257 gives a great craft idea. Hope you all enjoy this as much as I have.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Matt

My brother Matt celebrated a Birthday today. Sept. is a busy
Birthday month. Here is a picture of Matt with his boys and Mark at
the helm. This is one of the boats Mark built. Wish we could have been there to help you celebrate!

Happy Birthday Matt

Birthday Celebration

We had a wonderful Birthday Celebration for Abigail at Ron and
Kari's. Aunt Kari served tacos and made Abigail a delicious
chocolate cake from scratch with yummy chocolate frosting. Abigail
opened her gifts shortly after we arrived. She was excited about all
of her gifts. Jacob got her a remote control Hummer, a chocolate bar
and a pack of gum. He is so generous and a thoughtful gift giver.
It was a special treat for me to see Andria who has recently moved
out on her own and talk a bit more with Luke's wife Anna. Here are a
few of the Birthday Celebration Pictures. . .

Anna and Chloe

Aunt Kari with some Birthday Booty

Andria and Anna (Luke's Wife)

Pa and the Birthday Girl

Anna, Abi and Mary

Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Ione and Ione Junior

Happy Birthday! Abigail Ione (Ione Junior) is seven years old!
Where has the time gone? We won't mention Mom's age only that she
was 37 when I was born and I am 38 :). I remember the night before
Abi was born when the twin towers fell. We were planting daffodils
on the front hill. I was very thankful to go into labor on Mom's
birthday. Abigail waited for this special day! I thank the Lord for
seven wonderful years with Abigail and a lifetime with the worlds
best Mom. Thanks for everything Mama and Happy Birthday.

Mom and Abi Ione

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Chip!

Sept 11, 2004

It was four years ago today that Dad was hit by a drunk driver and killed. I think about Papa all the time. Little things remind me of him. When we were at the fair in July there was a guy who man telling stories and doing some great sound imitations. Dad would have loved that. Drew loves to remember when he was roofing the garage right after Jacob was born and Mom and Dad would sit on the upstairs porch and watch him. Dad marveling at Drew’s skillful handling of the hammer. I really miss my Papa Bear!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Everyone Loves a Good Book

Grandma and Pa Visit

We enjoyed Grandma and Pa's visit on Sunday. It seemed short since
Drew hogged them:-) They went to his office for some financial
planning. While they were gone we had naps and quiet time and I got
organized a bit more for our first day of school which was Monday.
More on that soon. We have really been enjoying the books Grandma brought. She was cleaning hers out and we were the benefactors. Well Chloe is back to sleeping in short bits and nursing a lot at night SO I better catch some zzzzzzzz's while I can.

Grandma and Pa Visit

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Kid Quotes

Mary "I'm glad we don't know the future, it would be one more thing
we would have to learn in school."

Jacob knitting "You stab the needle in, grab the yarn and dump the
loop." Stab, Grab, Dump. . . just cracked me up.

Baruch " I'm so strong I could lift this house!"

Abram is just such a little character. When one of the kids start to
talk he starts in about two words behind repeating what they say and
adding a twist here and there.

Saturday Projects

I plan to run errands as soon as Chloe wakes up. Drew is building
nesting barrels as we need to start keeping the chickens in their pen
again. They have been wondering out of the yard a bit too much
lately. He is also planning to finish painting the front porch and
upstairs porch floors. Mary and Cob learned to knit this morning.
Aunt Jo inspired them. I (with some help from
instructed them. They are both knitting fantastically even stitches
without using their fingers. This challenged me to try knitting
without using my fingers! Baruch is working on putting a basket on a
bicycle and Abram is generally messing.

Dad's Helper

Mary Knitting

Cob Knits, Abi Crochets

Baskets on Bikes

Friday, September 05, 2008

My New Baby Wrap

When we were at the fair this summer I ran into someone wearing their baby in a wrap. I have enjoyed wearing my babies in a sling. All of my children have been worn a good bit when they were little. The baby wrap I saw at the fair looked like it would distribute the babies weight more evenly over both shoulders. I was able to get a hold of the lady that makes them and she loaned me hers for a few weeks. Both Mary E. and I wore Chloe quite a bit and all three of us enjoyed it. So I ordered and have my own now. I have worn Abram too which makes him feel very special.

Baby Wrap


Great Day

We had a lovely visit with Aunt Kari and Anna today. Chloe is
sitting on my lap right now. She is so smiley! What a blessing, not
tired, but smiley. I was hugely encouraged by today's visit. We
visited, played games, had sword fights, danced, ate. The girls
crocheted, giggled. . . Anna had told Aunt Kari she wanted to do
three things while at our house. Spend time with Mary, go to the
attic, and hold Chloe. I know she got to do all three. My hope was
that we could stir Christ up in each other and I know He was stirred
up in me. Below is a picture of Anna holding her little cousin Chloe.

Anna and Chloe

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Abram and Chloe

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Photo taken by Cob

I am ashamed at how much weight I gained during my pregnancy with
Chloe. I really used the pregnancy as a license to eat whenever and
whatever I wanted. Toward the middle of my pregnancy I started
working out but never cut back on the treats. It is no wonder that
on July 1st I weighed 200 pounds! I called out to the Lord, confessed
my lack of self control and asked for grace to lose some weight. I
logged in to and started journalling every bite I
ate. I also started working out 10-20 minutes 3-6 days a week, increased my
water intake to 10-14 cups a day (nursing moms need lots of water)
and looked forward to honoring the Lord in my food choices. I go to
Emmaus once a week to weigh in as having a scale in the house could
be detrimental. At my weigh in last Aug. 29th I was 177! Here I am
in the outfit I purchased to celebrate. I desire to shed a few more
pounds and will give glory to God when I do!

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