Sunday, November 29, 2009

Early Resolution

When asked what contributed to his own remarkable figure and long life, Noah Webster responded by listing these four guidelines:

  • Go to bed early and do not worry
  • Get up early
  • Exercise mentally and physically every day
  • Keep a clear conscience void of offense toward God and man

After hearing this on Drive Thru History (with Dave Stotts) I think I should make my New Years resolution early and start practicing these four great standards of living (all of which, I might add, my awesome husband exemplifies and has encouraged me to do for years)!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Our neighbor and good friend treated us to 2 hours of bowling! Her nephew was visiting and she thought it would be more enjoyable with more children. She picked the right family :-) This was a first for Baruch, Abi and Abram. Mary and Jacob had bowled about 5 years ago so it was almost a first for them too. Mary did really well with 103 her first game and 100 her second!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Memories of Aunt Donna

A man once said, "There are two things that last forever, people and the Word of God so invest your time in those two things."  Aunt Donna invested in many people! I am blessed to have been one of them. 

By the time I was born Aunt Donna had 7 children and her baby was already 7 years old.  She and Uncle Bill had such a special relationship.  I always admired how "in love" they were.  They enjoyed being around each other tremendously. Uncle Bill and Aunt Donna were my Mom and Dad's best friends.  There were not many years when our families didn't live within a few miles of each other.

When living in Jackson I remember Aunt Donna working in their office on Oakridge.  Papers were strewn everywhere and I am sure she had a zillion things to do between daily household care for a family of 9, not to mention, managing apartments and doing the books for their dry cleaning business but she always had time to talk to me.  I remember Mom and Aunt Donna planning picnic lunches or camping trips.  Hearing Mom, on the phone, say "o.kay Donna, you bring the mustard and I'll bring the mayo."  Parties in the back yard on Oakridge, cribbage at the dinning room table, Marty asking for a crimpkin from Ron Maccies and Aunt Donna always giving him a few dollars for our treat, camping at Elk lake, Chrissy sitting on the coach nursing Aaron, hiding behind Aunt Donna when Ed and Gerry came in with their big beards, running into the dinning room table and Aunt Donna scurrying to get ice, then holding me afterwards, School Section Lake, boat trips to Caladesi Island, The hot tub at the Kentuckian, Making beds and cleaning rooms with her at the Kentuckian, sitting in the breezeway (o.k. the adults sat, I ran around in circles and Aunt Donna let me :-)), Aunt Donna's endless energy to serve everyone food and drinks, camping at Fort Desoto, walking on the beach, Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrtions, walks to the park near their house on Suemar Rd all flood my mind.  One of my favorite memories of Aunt Donna comes after we moved (following U. Bill and A. Donna once again) to Dunedin FL.  Matt and Renee were supposed to be watching me.  I got tired of Matt's endless teasing, so I loaded up the wagon with stuffed animals, and with our dog Sorry at my heals, headed off to a safe haven, Aunt Donna's house!  By the time I had walked the mile there Matt had called Aunt Donna and she was expecting me.  She greeted me with a warm hug, then sat me down to cookies and milk.  I wasn't quite finished with that when she came out of her room with a brand new doll for me!  After a visit she drove me back home.  

It's no wonder I (and everyone) will always remember her as Aunt Donna Mae Goodheart!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Forever and a Day

It seems like forever since I have had time to post anything.  As you can imagine the amount of activity that goes on in this house in a day is dizzying.  We have been very busy staying on "schedule" the past two weeks and with some success I might add!  Glory to God!  We have been blessed to see Drew's folks two weekends in a row.  I have been praising God for little evidences of His Spirit at work in the children.  Baruch desiring to share with Abram (not every minute of every day mind you).  Abram hugging Chloe.  Heidi encouraged me at a ladies meeting to make up a card for each kid to read aloud at the supper table with a personal praise written on it.  I passed out cards during evening family time and the kids really lit up when they read them, or Daddy read them (for the little ones).  It helped me so much during the day to be looking for the good, expecting the good, anticipating God's best as Dawnie would say.  Even though I only did it twice last week it was very powerful and I am planning to do it again tomorrow. 
 Find a variety of photos below:

Mary and Jacob (not pictured) played at a piano festival Nov. 7th.  They each played a piece form memory before a judge.  Then the judge came and gave them praise and suggestions.  A very positive environment, they both did very well receiving a judging of AAA (the ratings were AAA -top, AA next, A bottom).

Abi and Chloe horsing around Sat. Nov. 7.

A bike ride to the river Sun. Nov. 1

Movie making time with awesome director Dad - Drew!  Mary and Jacob were Mom and Dad in this one with a major decision to make when a suitor (Abram) pursues their  daughter Abigail.  Sorry I couldn't upload the actual movie, you will just have to come to visit if you want to see it.

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