Saturday, June 07, 2014

Snapshot Summary #56

01 - June, 2014

02 - June, 2014

Baruch waiting his turn to play.

Baruch has his knee in the air, heading toward the ball, or is the ball heading toward him? hmmmm?

03 - June, 2014
Fun in the pool! Matthew, Abram Baruch and Chloe
Abi, sitting third in from left
 Abi is #10

04 - June, 2014

 Abram on the ball! 
Abram far right running for the ball.

05 - June, 2014

There is no soccer game to go to tonight, so I have time to tell about the whole soccer experience so far.  All of the coaches are fantastic. They have such good input and are so patient with my kids who saw a soccer field for the first time the night Abigail played her first game (May 27)! Abram played his first game on the 28th and Baruch June 3. Abram's whole team had improved immensely since last week. Abram personally was much less afraid to get in there. The three pictured above play one game a week. They are very fun to watch. The coaches also do a good job playing everyone, so, even the most timid players have time on the field, which will hopefully help them charge for the ball eventually. Way to go American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO), we are having a great time!!

OK, now skip ahead in time . . .

10 - June, 2014
A friend came over to down a diseased oak. Hate to see a tree go =(

See I wear a helmet too, so I can help Daddy cut down trees!

22 - June, 2014

 Jacob turned 15 at 6:22 AM today!  Several friends came to help him celebrate!


27 - June, 2014

 A little chicken chasing anyone?

Precious friends' lovely daughter here for a visit! She was fearless of the chickens. I loved how the one just squatted right down when she wanted to pet it.  

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Our New Van - Name Suggestions Requested

In October 2010 the Lord provided an amazing vehicle for us to drive. 
There does come a point in the life of a vehicle when it must be retired, however. The "Tuecke Tank" as it became known served us well for four great years but alas Drew began thinking about replacing him. He started looking on craigslist after narrowing down what he wanted, a 12 passenger van with the rear wheels set far back on the chassis, as low mileage, as good condition as possible & about $5,000 (tall order)! Today he took the plunge and drove to see one that he thought might fit that description.  He traded in our vehicle for this 2000 Chevrolet Express Van with 114,000 miles. I am truly thankful! Our other van was getting a bit scary to drive. It stalled regularly enough to set me into a cold sweat just about every time I drove it. I would be turning at an intersection, usually a busy one, when it would conk out, causing me to lose power steering.  I would throw it into neutral, frantically pulling on the wheel to keep us all safe, then crank it over yelling back for the kids to PLEASE stop fighting and start praying! When we took it to the mechanic he could not make the problem reoccur. Ugh! The 2000 Chevrolet Express fit the description and Drew and Jacob drove it home! Now I am thankful for a new problem: Backing up this beauty! Isn't she LONG!!  

Interior with 4 buckles in back row, 3 in middle and 3 in front row.

The Man!!Thanks for working hard on behalf of the entire family!!

What should we name her?  Leave a comment if something comes to mind. I expect a name will kind of grow on her but the ideas have to come from somewhere!  Here are the names the kids have come up with so far:
Red Rackham (from Tin Tin)
Bob the Tomatoe

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