Monday, March 28, 2011

Snapshot Summary #33

Friday 18 - March, 2011 My Uncle's funeral was this morning. I seriously considered trying to juggle things so I could attend. But in the end I did not make it. His death hit me really hard, actually it hit me before he died. He is my mom's baby brother and when he got sick I longed to see my mom. Funny how emotions get all intertwined. I totally denied the fact that he wasn't going to get better. He rallied so many time in the past I counted on him rallying again. When I came to terms with the fact that he wasn't going to get better this time I had a day of serious blues. I simply went back to bed and buried my sobs under the covers. I finally concluded my hope is not in this world. Burying my head won't change a thing. My hope is in The Living God. I continue to draw strength and encouragement from Nahum 1:7 "The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble and He knows those who take refuge in Him." I did not get over that blue, depressed feeling by pulling myself up by my bootstraps. I got over it by placing myself under a God who is good, though I don't understand His ways. He IS good. By calling out on the name of the Lord "Be my refuge" I had a good day. This is a birthday to remember. A day to grieve and yet rejoice. Grieve a loss, rejoice in The Truth. Baruch

Our science partners came over in the morning and we reviewed our lesson on the senses. Then we did a hands on experiment with tasting three different foods, first with the nose plugged and eyes closed (blindfolded)and then without the nose plugged, but still blindfolded. We recorded weather each participant could identify each food tasted while plugging the nose and closing the eyes, and then again without the nose plugged, but still blindfolded. Based on the fact that several of the children could not identify some of the foods with there nose plugged, but all could identify them without the nose plugged, we determined that our sense of smell enhances our ability to taste.



Mary and Sophia (having a friend named the same thing as her cousin has totally confused Chloe in the past but today she seems to differentiate between "cousint Sophia" and "friend Sophia" as she started calling them).

After science time we packed up to head to Pa and Grandma's house where we dropped Baruch, Abram and Chloe off and went to see Anna as Mrs. Berry in the play Anne of Green Gables. The play was very well done. Well cast. The children memorized an incredible amount of lines and did a fantastic job!

Saturday 19 - March, 2011

My birthday didn't stop . . . Pa and Grandma watched the children so Drew and I could have a fantastically extended date, which included breakfast, shopping, shopping and more shopping and then lunch to boot! Thanks Pa and Grandma. Chloe enjoying some Grandma love

Pa and Grandma's gift to me (they brought to our house several weeks early!)

Sunday 20 - March, 2011

Four days ago Drew announced to the children and I - we will be attending Christ Church of Dubuque! Drew feels great relief, having made a decision. Searching for a church has the potential of placing a family in a dangerous position. I am so thankful for Drew's wisdom in our search as I know the elders at Potosi knew where we stood and were ready to welcome us back into fellowship if we came up dry. Drew's forethought benefited the entire family. After participating in church this AM Drew headed into the office to plug away on some things he needed to get to. The children and I unpacked, did laundry, and had a low key day. Monday

21 - March, 2011 We had a lovely morning preparing for Aunt Terry's visit and preparing soup for ourselves and a family from church who has been sick. I made bread. Mary and I chopped carrots and potatoes, Cob made cookies. Lots of practical homeschooling going on today :-). Aunt Terry arrived just in time to watch three of the children while three went with me to drop off the meal. After super we enjoyed opening God's word together and also reading from "The God Who is There" by D.A. Carson. Tuesday 22 - March 2011 The children were very eager for Aunt Terry to wake up. We had oatmeal for breakfast. After morning chores and a huge checklist we got out the wii for some exercise. It was chilly and rainy all day and nobody went outside much so we all needed some wiggle release, even Aunt Terry :-). We worked up an appetite so got out the trail mix Aunt Terry had brought along . . . ahhhh now we are revived! After snacks we folded papers. After super Aunt Terry helped the girl's team deliver papers. Then the boys headed to table tennis club while the girls headed to Wal Mart to fabric shop. We ended up going to Jo Ann Fabrics as well. Wal Mart did not have just what Mary had in mind. Abi and Mary wanted to make princess dresses for a party they were invited to on Saturday. The party was supposed to be a dress up party and they were so excited ALL week long - even longer I think!

Wednesday 23 - March, 2011 We are going through "The Names of God" by Kay Arthur at Wednesday night bible study and I have been really convicted about living in the flesh instead of putting my flesh to death. Gal. 5:16- , especially v. 19 - outbursts of anger - oh man I need to put that to death. So after sharing some of what I have been learning with the children we headed out for a nature hike and a nature reserve south of town! It was a little wet, slightly chilly, and extremely muddy! No wonder the children's coughs worsened:(

Chloe and Aunt Terry We had a snack of apples, carrots, cheese and almonds when we got back to the nature center. The gang (Jacob, Abram, Baruch, Abigail, Chloe and Mary Evidence of the extreme mud!! (Abi's socks) The nature center had a cool song bird exhibit with a hugantic stuffed birds nest. The kids had a blast playing in it. Mary, Chloe, Baruch, Abigail and Abram Thursday 24 - March, 2011 Abi made omelette's for breakfast this morning. When I told her I wished I could take a shower this AM she offered to make breakfast so I could! I was thankful (if she looks sad it is #1 because she didn't like me taking her picture while she was wearing pajamas and #2 because she was already anticipating saying goodbye to Aunt Terry) I took a few more pictures of our morning. One of Mary working on her princess dress. It was hot on her mind when she woke up this AM. One of Mary in her dress which she finished at about 11:00 AM. One of Jacob and Aunt Terry - goodbyes to Aunt Terry. They are gone :( Can't find them anywhere. A very mysterious disappearance I must say. Later the boys dressed up like the man in black (Princess Bride). If you have not read the Princess Bride by William Goldman you really should. It makes a great family read aloud. I did have to edit out quite a bit of the introduction but the humor in the introduction is so good I couldn't just skip the whole thing. Abram and Baruch - best of friends After Aunt Terry left I started working on the dress I cut out for Abigail. She wanted to help me sew but it was a bit too technical for that. I was surprised I got it finished as quickly as I did. I was really thanking the Lord it came together without enormous amounts of ripping seams out :) Even the zipper went in rather well. Friday 25 - March, 2011 We Miss you AUNT TRERRY!! Abi and I worked on a Birthday gift for the party tomorrow. I cut. Abi sewed. Abi made some nice straight seams on Gwen's cloak. We made three cloaks in all since there was a big chunk of fabric left when I was done cutting out Gwen's. We figured the littlest two of Gwen's sisters would enjoy having cloaks as well. Jacob worked on this origami dragon for several hours. His turned out fantastic. He worked on origami so hard and long Baruch said "You've kind of dedicated your life to origami Jacob," which got a roaring laughter from all who heard him. Saturday 26 - March, 2011 What a blessing to be at a party where all the girls got along so well. Happy Birthday Gwen!! Watching Gwen open her gifts was THE biggest blessing of all. She pondered over each one with so much thankful it delighted everyone in the room! Abi enjoying the party Mary after we got home from the party. The girls had such a fantastic time. Chloe keeps asking if we can go back and play house some more.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Snapshot Summary #32

19 - February, 2011

Air soft mechanic in the making.

Gun Rebuilt!
Yes he did get it back together again, then he found a big spring that should have gone inside the gun. Oops!

26 - February, 2011

Tea Time!

1 - March, 2011

Workin' Out with Mom

And then it's dress up time!

3 - March, 2011

Waiting for prayer before diggin' into breakfast

Dress up is for every day!

6 - March, 2011

After a hard day of hiking!

Sweet Chloe is PLUM Tuckered OUT!

12 - March, 2011

We got to see Tim and Heidi's new sweet pea! Rachel is already 6 days old in this picture!! Holding her brought floods of emotions. There is absolutely nothing in this world that compares with the tender sweetness of a new born baby.

Big Sister takes a snooze

13 - March, 2011

I just had to take a picture of Chloe in the dress Aunt Jo made for Mary E. so many years ago. It's a bit small on Chloe now, but so so cute, especially with the galoshes - don't ya think!

No nap means you fall asleep during family time.

Precious Asleep!

16 - March, 2011


Abram and Banjo


As you can see the weather has turned beautiful! It has gotten a bit warmer each day this week. Not quite barefoot weather (depending on who you ask) but sunny and 60 today!

17 - March, 2011
A visit with Great Grandma Ruth

I couldn't decide which picture of Grandma and Chloe I liked best so I included all of them!

Cob and Grandma got in a good game of Upwords. Grandma amazes me. She plays for blood, with macular degeneration you think the game would be challenging for her to see but you would never know it!

While they were duking it out in the Upwords game I took the little ones to the river walk. They brought their bikes/trikes/skates/scooters and off we went. About half way through the sky spat a bit of rain on us so we turned back.

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