Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Day In Our Life

We had a lot of fun at Grandma Rose's house today. The kids pulled each other in the wagon.
Baruch made a dragon fly into a pet :-) Poor little dragon fly. When Baruch showed it to me sitting so serenely on his hand he announced, "see mom it's my pet. I clipped his wings so he can't fly."
They loved stomping in the creek that runs through her lot.
After naps Baruch showed me a robin's nest by our front porch,

Some baby bunnies in a nest near the tree fort. They are so well camouflaged I am amazed they could be discovered.and these baby birds - grackles we think - which is a bummer because they are so mean to the nice song birds. This nest is in our front bushes. We really have tons of nature in our little paradise here :-)


BEFFY! said...

thanks for going down to visit gram! she loves you guys and loves visits! it's fun to see kids playing in the creek, we spent many summers playing down there and winters skating on it. thanks so much beth, i'm just sad to not have been along with you all. (there should be a bunch of shooting star flowers up the hill, if you ever want to hike it)

Beth said...

Beth, It is such a blessing to be able to go and see G. Rose! She is so funny. We got to meet Melvin and Therese too. I got a kick out of your Aunt - "so is this them six kids you've been telling me about?"

Mary picked some sweet William but the hill was a little too wet with all the rain we've been having.

~Lisa, Scot, and Timmy said...

your life is never boring girlfriend. glad timmy hasn't gotten into the bug not looking forward to that stage. i hate

Beth said...

bugs I can handle. It was skinning the rabbit that really got me

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