Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pa and Chloe

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Welcome Chloe Ruth!

Chloe Ruth was born on Saturday the 24th day of May 2008 at 2:42 PM.
She weighed 8 pounds 4 ounces and is 21 1/2 inches long!

Moments after delivery

Mary holding Chloe

Baby Lesson

The nurse explained that a baby is covered with vernix inside the womb.  This keeps it's skin from getting prune like in the amniotic fluid.

Thank you Lord!

Tired Mama

Chloe and her Papa

Grandma holding Chloe

Jacob holding Chloe

Abigail LOVES her new Little Sister

Big brother Baruch holding Chloe

Abram takes a Peek

The Labor Story

This is the blow by blow account as I know some of you will want to know the details. I have excluded some details for the sake of decency. 3:30-5:30 AM I was having irregular contractions but they were strong enough I could not sleep through them. I got up and did some organizing around the house. At 5:30 I thought I better get a little rest. I fell sound asleep. 7:30AM I woke up, due to a strong contraction. I did a few things around the house, put a chicken in the slow cooker, rice in the oven, set the timer, laundry. . . those types of things thinking I wouldn't leave Drew's Mom and Dad with ALL the work. 4 children is enough to keep them busy. Drew called his Mom and Dad and told them we thought today would be the day.

10:45 AM called Kathe, the midwife and asked how I could tell if this was real labor or false. I explained that the contractions weren't regular but were definitely getting stronger. She told me to lay down and time the contractions. If they were still coming and somewhat regular when laying down it was the real thing.

11:00 AM Laid down and immediately had a contraction.
11:12 AM Contraction
11:24 AM Contraction
11:34 AM Contraction
11:45 AM Contraction
12:00 PM Drew, Mary E. and I loaded into the van. We got gas and Drew bought me a snickers bar. We dropped off the library books and the clothes I wanted to donate to the Discover Shop (all sort of on the way to the hospital).

12:30 PM Parked in the hospital lot, called Kathe's office. They said they would page her and if she didn't call back in 20 minutes call again. In the meantime we walked a block to the drug store and
bought a few needed items. (Just the three of us :-)) The contractions came stronger when I walked.

12:45 PM Kathe called me and we agreed to meet at the hospital. She told me not to check in, that way if the contractions were false it would be no problem to send me home.

1:00 PM met Kathe. She checked me and said I was dilated to 4cm and could stretch to 6cm. "You need to stick around the hospital, you are going to have a baby this afternoon" Drew and I were both a little shocked I think. The contractions came stronger and closer together as I walked the halls with Mary E. while Drew and Kathe talked.

2:15 PM I asked about birthing in the tub. The nurse warmed up the tub water (she had filled the tub when I first arrived). I got in the tub and had several nice pushing type contractions.

2:35 PM Kathe checked as I was pushing and could feel the bag of waters. She said I would be able to feel the bag of waters pop because I was in the tub. I wanted her to pop it for me. I might have even asked, I don't remember. I just remember thinking, if the water would break it wouldn't hurt so bad to push (REALITY CHECK - it would have increased the pain but one is not thinking rationally at this point)

2:38ish PM Pushed an felt that terribly wonderful burning sensation that comes when the babies head crowns. The bag of waters was bulging out (apparently visible)

2:42 PM Continued pushing. Little baby girl was born before the water bag broke. The cord was up over her head and her hand was up behind. Kathe had never seen this in all of her deliveries. She
said it was a good thing she didn't break the bag of waters as it kept the pressure off the cord during delivery and prevented the baby from distress. As soon as she was born Kathe lifted he up for me to
hold. I am not sure if the umbilical cord was too short or if I am too long but it was uncomfortable to hold her to me chest so we rested her on my bent knees. Drew, and Mary E. and I were all
thanking the Lord! What a miracle. They clamped the cord and Drew cut his 6th cord. I held her but could tell she was a bit cold so Mary E. held her. I wanted to birth the placenta in the tub but it wasn't loose enough. They wheeled the bed right up to the tub and I crawled out. 3:10 PM I gave birth tot the placenta. The nurse pointed out what she thought could be little Seth. A tiny little fetal figure.
Lord, thank you for a healthy little girl. I thank you for her twin brother too. Chloe's face looked quite bruised right after the delivery. I was worried as she looked grey to me. The bruising cleared up amazingly fast. She still has a small bruise on her left cheek and one on the top of her head. Her eyes are still a bit blood shot too. The doctor detected a heart murmur when he checked her later that
evening. He said many babies are born with a slight murmur that clears up shortly after birth. He will keep an eye on it just to be sure. We take her in for a check tomorrow and a nurse will come to the house to check her on Thursday. She nurses wonderfully. I am so thankful she is on this side of my tummy!

Bright Eyes!

God Made Two

God Made Two

Starting out as a
minute furl
God fashioned one boy,
one girl.

In His image He
made two,
only one for this
earth grew.

May Chloe on earth in Christ
be complete
While Seth in heaven worships
at His feet.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

More Birthday Happenings

Due to Bible Study last night Abram wasn't able to open his gift from
Uncle Eldon and Aunt Terry. Here he is in seventh heaven on his new
radio flyer scooter!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Abram

Abram Glenn was born two years ago TODAY! To help celbrate we went to a park after lunch. Then stopped for ice cream on the way home. Below is a picture to prove how much Abram enjoyed his cone (he ended up wearing most of it :-)). After naps and quiet time the kids all wrapped up the presents they had gathered for Abram. I am not sure who was more excited about the gifts, the givers or receiver!

At the Park

Super, Cake and Presents!

After supper we had cake and ice cream! I had him practice on a match and he blew out his candles like a pro. We had just taught him to say "I'm one" like a month ago so turning two is a bit confusing for the poor kid. He did say "I'm two" after a bit of training from all of us. He enjoyed opening presents from his siblings. They had worked so hard today gathering their goods for him, or in Jacob's case constructing a sword and gun with the jigsaw. Abram really enjoyed his special Day!

Friends for Supper

Monday night we had Harry and some of his children here for supper.
Harry and his wife Ruthi work as missionaries in Tanzania. We met
some of their children through our friend Brook who came to visit
recently. We really enjoyed having them here. Unfortunately his wife was on the west coast visiting her family so we missed having her here. The fellowship was very sweet. I posted a few pictures of our evening.

Abi, Lisa and Mary

Harry and Danny

Gina, Esther and Luke

Friends for Supper


We have had a busy few weeks.  Had my friend from Raleigh, Brook here for two weekends.  She took a trip to Grand Rapids in between.  The week in between I had an appointment a day, like three days in a row.  Then Abram got sick on Thursday, throwing up from early morning until 4PM.  The children were supposed to have a recital at a nursing home that night, with guests coming here afterward.  The whole thing was rescheduled for May 29th.  When I took Abram in he was diagnosed with strep throat.

Brook returned from Michigan Thursday afternoon.  I baked bread and made homemade pizza for supper.  Friday night Brook treated us to Kentucky Fried Chicken which we took up to Eagle Point Park.  It was a beautiful night and a real treat not to have to cook.  Saturday we attended the wedding of Jacob and Annette's.  We had met Annette through Brook when she visited two years ago and have really enjoyed getting to know her and her two siblings that have since attended Emmaus Bible College.  After the wedding we went fishing on the Mississippi.

Here are some pictures of some of our outings.

More Playtime!

Brook and the Children


Thanks for Supper Brook!

Yum Yum Good!

Jacob and Annette's Wedding

Annette's Brother Danny and his friend Anne Made and Decorated the Wedding Cake

Pictures taken at the Wedding

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