Saturday, August 26, 2006

Garage Sales

Last Friday I took the kids to about 6 garage sales. I got a lot of mileage out of it around the house. While we were waiting for Baruch to wake up from his nap we cleaned the living room. Put super in the oven and set the timer so it would be all cooked when we got home. Then we set the table shortly after which Baruch woke up. We were off! At the third sale and I had just asked if they would take a game for a dollar (it was marked $2) when Baruch came up to the pay table carrying a $.75 truck. He asked "Could I take two dollars for this" there were hoots of laughter from the ladies having the sale. Then after the last sale Jacob said "This has been a great day we are just like Grandma T. Abigail piped up from the back of the van "yeah this is what Grandma T. does all day long" After dumpster diving on Saturday we were ready to take a trip to the dump the "treasures" were so plentiful around here. The children grow so fast! Mary is almost 9, Jacob turned 7 in June, Abigail is counting down - just 17 days - until her BIG 5 birthday, Baruch is holding his own around here at 2 yrs, 6 months and Abram just turned 3 months old on the 21st. Abram smiles freely, rolls over from his back to his tummy (but not the other way), scooches like crazy. You can just tell he feels good and is taking everything in around him.

Jacob caught a bird

No small helpless creature is safe in the hands of Cob

Abigail Fishing at Catfish Creek

Mary "Fishing" at Catfish Creek

Abigail "Fishing" at Catfish Creek

Baruch and Abram

Baruch tells everyone who is admiring Abram that they are best friends.

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