Thursday, April 27, 2006


Drew received a batch of morel mushrooms from someone he did some financial counsel with. We were all so excited to be cooking them up for breakfast this morning. Drew explained how you hunt for the mushrooms. He defined them as a delicacy and told the kids how much work it was to find and pick them. Oh they tasted so good dipped in egg, breaded in crumbs and fried in butter. I was frying away while the kids did their morning chores. Every batch I finished the kids would come and eat fresh of the serving platter. We never even had a chance to sit down to a "real" meal. After the 4th batch Mary said " I think I ate to many, but they taste so good." At that point she stopped eating them. A few minutes later she said "My body is not made for delicacies." About 10 minutes after that I had to abandon my post and lay down. I'm not sure whether Mary and I ate too many but about 20 minutes after the indulgence I regurgitated mine. Mary followed me by about 5 minutes. Drew and Jacob never did get sick and the others didn't eat any to speak of.

Mary Elisabeth

Just moments after making the statement "My body is not made for delicacies."

Cob Loses His Third Tooth

Cob lost his third tooth last night after we got home from Bible Study. He said he twisted it all the way around and it just popped out. He is one happy boy!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Waiting Game Begins

Had my 36 week check up today. Everything is looking good. The baby’s head is down. The waiting game begins.

My track record:
Mary Elisabeth - 5 days early.
Jacob Matthew - 6 days late.
Abigail Ione - 7 days late.
Baruch William - On the due date!
My due date this go around: May 23rd. I am resting in the Lord’s perfect timing for this baby’s arrival.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Update on Grandpa Carl (Drew’s Dad’s Dad)

Grandpa was sent back to the nursing home in Guttenberg today with the possibility of returning to Dubuque on Monday for a final radiation treatment.

For those who haven’t heard, Grandpa came to Mercy Hospital in Dubuque a week ago Tuesday (April 11th) to have his colostomy tube replaced.  In the replacement process the tube poked through his kidney and was emptying into his stomach.  They sent him back to the nursing home in Guttenberg even though he was complaining of unusual discomfort.  He came back to the hospital last Thursday and they did a c-scan to find out what went wrong.  The scan revealed cancer on his spine.  They have given him radiation to help the pain caused by the cancer, not to treat the cancer. They sent him back to the nursing home in Guttenberg today.  He was suppose to have 5 radiation treatments but he would have had to spend the weekend in the hospital to wait for his last treatment on Monday so he was sent back to Guttenberg with the option of returning for his last treatment on Monday. It is very painful for him to travel by ambulance the hours drive from here to Guttenberg.  The doctor was reluctant to give a time frame for Grandpa’s expectancy, but did say possibly a month.  Hospice has not been called yet, but I am sure they will when the time comes.  Grandma is an amazingly strong woman.  She is the most spry 88 year old out there!  She is also very upbeat and positive, saying we need to be ready to let Grandpa go if it is his time. 

No Frills Report

We have been on the go since the Wed. before Easter. Wed. night Bible study. Thur. night a pot luck. Fri. night a party to honor Fran Buchta, her children and to meet her fiancĂ©. Sat. the usual household maintenance, weekly bread making, shopping etc. Sun. a lovely Resurrection day breakfast at 7:30AM!! Service following at 9:00AM. A whistle stop at home to water the chickens and up to Drew’s folks for the egg hunt and Resurrection Sunday Supper. Picked Grandma Ruth up on our way back into Dubuque so she could stay the night with us. Brought Grandma to the hospital Mon. AM around 9. Tried to get some school in but the weather was so nice it was hard to keep our focus. Mon. enjoyed having Drew’s Dad here for a short visit before he headed over to see his Dad. He brought Grandma back to spend another night here. Tue. after breakfast we got Grandma back to the hospital around 10 AM. Tue. night Grandma decided to spend the night at the hospital so I brought her bag to her after the kids were settled in. Wed. Drew’s sister came to see Grandpa and we had the privilege of having her daughter Anna here for the afternoon. Then Kari watched the crew while I went to the chiropractor. Drew took off for Bible Study and Kari and I cleaned up the supper mess. Thur. night I went to a baby shower. Tonight I am updating this site! That is the no frills, here’s what we have been up to report. Boring I know, but you didn’t have to read the whole thing either :-)

Some Frills

The girls really enjoyed the birthday party. They decorated crowns, played games and ate goodies in a tea party setting. Each recieved a helium balloon and bag of goodies at the end of the party. Unfortunately Abigail's balloon floated away when she was getting out of the car. She cried inconsolably for a LONG time. Then all of a sudden she opened up her pixie stick and said in a baby voice, "I don't want balloon, want sugar"!

Coloring Eggs

Aunt Kari's Visit

We treasured our time with Grandma Ruth. Having her here was such a treat. She joined us for breakfast and said she was thrilled to be sharing Cocoa Wheats with her Great Grand children. I only wish we would have had her under different circumstances.

The girls especially enjoyed the time with their cousin Anna. Jacob thrived on all of Aunt Kari's positive encouragement of his blossoming manhood and capabilities!

Baruch's Favorite Chicken

Baruch says "This is my favorite chicken" every time he sees the chicken with the game leg. It is the only chicken he can catch:-)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Monday, April 10, 2006

Hiking at Four Mounds

Hiking at Four Mounds we had a beautiful view of the river. We saw three trains. Two on the WI side of the river and one on the Iowa side.

John, Bill and their cousin Jim Tuecke

April Update

The days are flying by. The weather is warming. We continue to struggle along as parents. The weekend was beautiful. Saturday we took a nice leisurely hike at a retreat center near here, Four Mounds. Sunday we headed to Guttenberg to help Drew's Grandparents celebrate their 68th wedding anniversary. After cake and ice cream their was a time of sharing. It was neat to hear all of the stories about Carl and Ruth's love for each other. On the way home we stopped at White Pines for a hike. Drew hadn't been their for a few years ( I think he was 16 the last time :-) We had a nice hike and a picnic on a fallen log. Classic Abigail "Why can't we be eating this food at home. I don't like all this dirt." Jacob collected bones from a deer carcass and has been busy selling them to the girls this morning.

After Family Time Fun

When we are done praying the kids love to climb on Drew's back for a ride. They are thankful for their strong Papa!

Mary enjoying fishing!

Jacob enjoying fishing!

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