Saturday, April 30, 2011

Snapshot Summary #36

26 - April, 2011

27 - April, 2011
Mary and Keziah worked on their purple quilts together in the AM. Then we had lunch with the Langlois family. When we headed back home Keziah got to come with and Cob got to go canoing the Ezra and Silas. I put the little ones down for naps while the girls cleaned the downstairs for our company. I threw in a batch of cookies when I got downstairs. We really enjoyed getting to know a couple of Emmaus students that were able to come for supper. One of which had helped in the nursery with Chloe during our ladies bible study on Wednesday nights.

28 - April, 2011
Ahhhhh! I thought today would be a down day. I planned to have Jacob and Mary do some baking for the bake sale the youth group at church was having tomorrow. My lack of planning sent me leaving Mary in charge while I ran to the store. First, I needed a vehicle. With the van in the shop and Drew's car at his office this meant Drew had to run home. I took him back to work and headed to Sam's Club. From there I went back to his office to pick up Cora Borke as she was coming for the afternoon. I thought I would surprise Abigail (I hadn't told the children in case for some reason her visit fell through), so I told Cora to wait in the car and I am so glad I did. I walked into a house of chaos. Jacob was not minding Mary. I left her in charge while I ran. Poor Mary was crying. Apparently even Abigail had been mean to her. Thankfully the little boys were real good and Chloe too. So by the time Abi brought Cora in the house (and Abi was very excited to see her) things had settled down a bit :). So while Cob finished up the cookies he was baking the girls enjoyed playing dress up. Then I went up and had a short rest with the little boys and Chloe, assigning the other's to quiet time rooms and Abi and Cora to the basement. At 4:30 I took Cora and Abi with me to drop Cora off as I needed to pick up some long awaited items from an Emmaus student. I left Mary in charge again and things went WAY better this time. When I got home we made cinnamon rolls for the bake sale and the older chilren started wrapping some of the items up to sell. They were in bed early so they would be ready to roll for our 7-9 AM shift at the church garage/bake sale!

29 - April, 2011
 We headed out to help with the garage and bake sale about 6:40 this AM. Mary finished wrapping up bake sale items while Cob sat outside and sold. Abi and I were inside manning the cash box with the help of Ms. Chandler. We had a great time working together and fellowshipping with different brothers and sisters who stopped by for the sale. We sold quite a bit during that first shift, but thankfully were never overwhelmed with the amount of people wanting to buy at the same time. I haven't found out how much we made, but the proceeds are for more chairs for the sanctuary. Helping at the Bake Sale

After the morning shift I headed home so Drew could go to work. Mary and Cob stayed and worked the sale. Drew picked them up for Mary and Abi's orthodontist appointment after which we all met up again for science! While Mrs. Stevenson reviewed the lesson on genetics I helped out with Sophia. Sophia and Katlyn
Sophia and Chloe
After science time there is always some time to play. Spring must be here as dandelions are in bloom! The girls enjoyed making necklaces and crowns.
Then we had lunch. Tonya is an amazing cook. I am always so blessed by whatever she serves. Today we had tacos and awesome raspberry cream pie for dessert!

30 - April, 2011
A day at the Vosberg Farm! At 8 weeks Rachel is beautiful. I was blessed to get to hold her several times.

The Hunters Three Cob, Wesley and Baruch
They were trying to rid the farm of nuisance birds and made pretty good headway!

Aren't kitten just CUTE!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Snapshot Summary #35

10 - April, 2010

Drew took all the older children to a bike park while Chloe and I rested. I guess staying up to put the third coat on the bathroom wore me out!

11 - April, 2010

13 - April, 2010

We had a great time visiting with our friends the Langlois Family!

14 - April, 2010
Mrs. Kretz came today and I was happy the children did well.  Their spelling continues to improve so that is a blessing

15 - April, 2010
Stevenson's came for science today.  We did an experiment to help solidify what we learned about the lymphatic system.  I focused on the fact that the lymph nodes filter out the bad things from the lymph, so for our experiment we sent muddy water through a coffee filter.  I think it will help them remember!
17 - April, 2010
Chip is preaching through Ezekiel and this mornings message convicted me on several counts. The main one being the importance of continuing to search, and know scripture. According to 2 Peter 3:16 - 18 some things are hard to understand, but if I am to keep from being destroyed and distorting reality I must be growing in the grace and knowledge of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  It's the word growing that really got me. My growth needs to be continual, day by day.

<< 2 Peter 3 >>
16as also in all his letters, speaking in them of these things, in which are some things hard to understand, which the untaught and unstable distort, as they do also the rest of the Scriptures, to their own destruction. 17You therefore, beloved, knowing this beforehand, be on your guard so that you are not carried away by the error of unprincipled men and fall from your own steadfastness, 18but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity. Amen.

18 - April, 2010
Mary makes an awesome lentil stew every Monday!

19 - April, 2010
Abigail started a club and passed out the crown to Chloe and breastplates and shields to Baruch and Abram as reward for memorizing scripture for the club.  What a good sister!

21 - April, 2010
In anticipation of a busy Friday we got errands and baking out of the way today. Click here to see a video of Chloe helping put away groceries.

22 - April, 2010

We ate breakfast
As Drew read to us about Christ's Crucifixion from John 19:1 - 30
Then Drew, Cob and Baruch headed to his office to wrap some things up while the rest of us enjoyed some sweet fellowship with sweet friends.
Gracie and Mary (above)  Rachel and Abram (below)  Hannah and Abi were too busy for pictures!
More wonderful fellowship in the evening!  The Tuttle's, a missionary family from Peru came to visit while in Dubuque. 
Drew really enjoyed talking with Micah (who I don't think even noticed Josiah on his shoulders)
We all enjoyed some homemade pizza (Cob made the crusts yesterday!)
After supper we got in some more fellowship!
Javen and Cullen were GREAT face makers!
At the end of the evening the girls were pretty zonkered.  Abigail said "It seems like 3 weeks ago that Hannah and Rachel were here, was that really just this morning."

23 - April, 2010

We took a trip to the park and then over to see the river.  Several children wanted to bike.  I for one was glad when Drew said we were taking the van as winds ran high - which was great for kite flying! btw, the river was very high.

24 - April, 2010

Chloe Ruth
We celebrated a wonderful Resurrection Day surrounded by our church family at CCDubuque and Drew's parents! Our church had a wonderful fellowship meal which started with the Lord's supper. Mary and Jacob both partook of the Lord's table for the first time, creating a very memorable day!

Baruch William
Abram Glenn
Abigail Ione
Mary Elisabeth

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