Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dead on the Road Side

Jacob has been working hard to improve his running.  This is the conversation I heard this morning after Jacob came home from his run.

Jacob: If I can not be sore tomorrow I will be on the road to getting better
Chloe: You know Jacob, running on the road is dangerous, there are cars
Jacob: No, the road to success
Chloe: Yep, dead on the road side

Pretty hilarious!

I am very proud of both Mary and Jacob. They are both running cross country this season. It is pushing them (in a good way). They are both motivated to train and are seeing results.

If you are interested, here are their *and Abi's race results for the season so far:

Sept. 3 - Monroe
4 K JV Girls Mary: 25:18 pace 10:09
5 K JV Boys Jacob: 26:37 pace 8:34

An Extremely Hot Sept. 7 - Darlington
4 K JV Girls Mary: 26:53 pace 10:49
5 K JV Boys Jacob: 28:29 pace 9:10
1.3 Mile Junior High Abi: 11:30 pace 8:51

Sept. 21 - Mount Horeb
4 K JV Girls Mary: 23:00 pace 9:16
5 K JV Boys Jacob: 24:08 pace 7:47

*Abi has only raced once as not all the races are open to Junior High.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy Golden Birthday!

Twelve on the Twelfth
Apple Picking

Gifts from Grandma and Pa!

Hard at work breaking cement.

On the way home ; )

Party on the Fourteenth

Praying Mantis
At the Park

In hot pursuit of . . . 
A Bull Frog

Picnic Time

Rides home
Back to the house to frost your own cup cake

and open gifts

and pick some up : )

After the party came the post party surprise - ear piercing!

Making Abigail smile!


 Ear # Two
 The Worst is Over!
Friend Support.

On the way home Abigail said the day had been like a dream and she was waiting to wake up. The great party, all the wonderful friends, gifts and now having her ears pierced all seemed too good to be true!

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