Friday, August 30, 2013

Reunion Time

Here are some pictures from our recent reunion with four out of six of my siblings and their amazing spouses and as Ione would have said, "above average" children. [I missed you Renee (and family) and Mark!!!]

 The sea lion exhibit at the St. Louis Zoo!

 Drew and Matt
 Henry, Baruch, Dawson, Abram and Jason
 Terry and Michelle
 Mary and her favorite Uncle  - Tim
 The brother in laws
Tim, Eldon and Chip
(amazingly good sports as you can see)
 At the Pool with the Aunts
Our reunion started Aug. 18th. We left a day early, stopped at the zoo, then spent the night at a hotel. The next morning we visited a church and picked up my sister Renee's van so my brother Matt could drive it home to FL. Long story, that one, let me know if you want the whole story there and I will give it : )

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Attic Update more pictures coming soon!

Drywall was the next step. Then I started putting on the primer. 

Saturday, August 03, 2013

July 14th, A Day to Remember

Baruch in his cast. Haven't had time to post the whole story behind the cast. Here goes. . .
Sunday afternoon we headed out on our bikes to take the NW Arterial hill challenge up to the Arboretum where there is "music in the park" on Sunday nights.  We were getting a bit of a late start and the whole trip felt slightly off.  We often start with prayer, not tonight. Anyway, Baruch and I were well ahead of everyone, but not yet to the big hill when we stopped because I got a text from Drew.  I read Baruch the text "go ahead up the hill, we will catch up." So we started off. Baruch standing to get his speed up. His speed increased quickly when suddenly his bike went out of control, he sped off the path and into the ditch. Screams of "It's broken" and "just pull it back into place" met me as I threw my bike aside and raced to him. After looking at his arm and seeing the bone, still beneith the skin, but definately not where it should be my instinct was to dial 911, then I thought, no call Drew, but I found myself talking to the 911 operator instead. The sherrif arrived and I hung up with the operator who said she would be sending an ambulance. Some time between the fall and the sheriff's arrival Mary and Abi rode up and I sent them to get Dad as quickly as possible. Baruch thought his arm would feel better if he had something hard under it so I fished around in his backpack and grabbed his notebook. We put it underneath and that alleviated some pain (not much though). By the time Drew arrived I told the sheriff I didn't think we would need the ambulance. He said once they have been called they come and follow through on the call.   Drew took off to get our van, which was thankfully parked at the bottom of the bluff. He showed up shortly after the ambulance. While the EMT's looked over the arm, and said they would not be held responsible for any further damage should we refuse the ambulance ride, Drew got all the kids engaged in bringing all the bikes and helmets to the van and efficiently loaded them on the tailor. We signed a waiver, taking full responsibility for our actions and somehow, (I honestly don't remember if we carried Baruch or he walked) got Baruch to the van. It wasn't until I thawacked my head getting into the van that I realized I still had my helmet on. Good thing too ; ). Drew drove skillfully to the ER while I called ahead so they would be expecting us. From there is was: See the Dr. on duty.  Start an IV and give morphine for pain. Take x-rays. See the orthopedic Dr. on call. See the anesthesialogist. Prep for surgery. Go into surgery. Have succussful surgery, ending with a cast put on. Go into recovery. Then take forever to be brought from recovery to the Pediatric Unit.* Spend night under the watchful eye of a diligent nurse. Come home. . . 

The surgery. . . He underwent closed surgery which means they manipulated the bones without making an incision. I guess it is still surgery because they put him under and he was in the surgery room.  Hey and then we get charged a full surgery bill + the anesthesia bill. Surgery involved putting the ulna, which looked sort of crumbled in the x-ray to me, about 1 inch long just below the elbow, back in place. It also involved reducing his radius which suffered a monteggia fracture (meaning basically it came out of the socket). Reducing means putting it back in place. 

All I know is I am extremely thankful to the Lord for competent medical care and a husband who drives better than an ambulance any day of the week!

Oh, and yes, his cast is really that big!

As Mom used to always say, "There you have it!" 

I sure miss that Momma!!

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