Friday, May 21, 2010

Sewing Bug

Mary E. started the sewing bug by making beautiful matching skirts for herself and Abi. I caught the bug and added a strip of the skirt fabric to a t-shirt for Chloe. Now, the bug has really gotten a hold of me and I am putting some dresses together. Chloe is wearing a scrap of the fabric I am working with on her head.


Tonya said... exciting...I am MAKING myself stay away from my sewing machine until I can clean it up and get past my grad open house...have fun and sew away and don't forget to show us what you make!

Amy in Peru said...

love that hair! ;)

amy in peru

Beth said...

She my first with so many curls. Abi lost hers by the time her hair was this long. They sure are fun :-)

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