Thursday, July 30, 2009

Drying Rack

Kari gave me this extremely uselful, lovely drying rack.

Thanks Kari!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fare Bootie = Fair Booty

We went to pick up Mary's fair entry on Monday.  We knew Great Grandma Ruth would love to see the Best of Show ribbon winner and her entry so headed right to her house.  I know many of you wanted to see the entry also.  Sorry we didn't live close enough to drive to most of your houses :-) BUT I did upload some pictures!

The afghan above won a first place ribbon, the baby set below it won the "Best of Show".  Below see Chloe in her "Best of Show" outfit.

We had no idea there would be a cash reward involved.  Mary received 2$ for each First Place entry and another $20 for the Best of Show.  Nice surprise!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Best of Show!

We walked into the Arts building from the pouring rain.  Glasses fogged, water dripping from umbrellas.  Drew walked over and pointed  "There it is, Mary's work"  My heart swelled up into my throat,  tears swelling in my eyes.

Exhibited before me sat Mary's work.  

Mary's work, on show in the "Best of Show" display. 

Crafty little fingers, diligence, creative flair all on display.  

Glory to God, her creator, THE creator, Master of creativity!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Idiotic Thing!

Here is one of our favorite part from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl:

Little Charlie caught Grandpa Joe's hand, and the two of them stood beside Mr. Wonka in the middle of the long bright room, listening to the Oompa-Loompas.  And this is what they sang:
"The most important thing we've learned,
So far as children are concerned,
Is never, NEVER, NEVER let
Them near your television set --
Or better still, just don't install
The idiotic thing at all.
In almost every house we've been,
We've watched them gaping at the screen.
They loll and slop and lounge about,
And stare until their eyes pop out.
(Last week in someone's place we say
A dozen eyeball on the floor.)
They sit and stare and stare and sit
Until they're hypnotised by it,
Until they're absolutely drunk
With all that shocking ghastly junk.
Oh yes, we know it keeps them still ,
They don't climb out the window sill,
They never fight or kick or punch,
They leave you free to cook the lunch
And wash the dishes in the sink--
But did you ever stop to think,
To wonder just exactly what
This does to your beloved tot?
'All right!" you'll cry. "All right!" you'll say,
"But if we take the set away,
What shall we do to entertain
Our darling children? Please explain!"
We'll answer this by asking you,
"What used the darling ones to do?
"How used they keep themselves contented
Before this monster was invented?"
Have you forgotten?  Don't you know?
We'll say it very loud and slow:
THEY ... USED ... TO ... READ!  They'd READ and READ,
AND READ and READ and then proceed
TO READ some more.  Great Scott!  Gadzooks!
One half their lives was reading books!
The nursery shelves held books galore!
Books cluttered up the nursery floor!
And in the bedroom, but the bed,
More books were waiting to be read!
Such wondrous, fine fantastic tales
Of dragons, gypsiss, queens,and whales
And treasure isles, and distant shores
Where smugglers rowed with muffled oars,
And pirates wearing purple pants,
And sailing ships and elephants,
And cannibals crouching 'round the pot,
Stirring away at something hot.
(It smells so good what can it be!
good gracious, it's Penelope.)
The younger ones had Beatrix Potter
With Mr. Tod the dirty rotter,
And Squirrel Nutkin, Pigling Band,
And Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle and --
Just How the Camel Got His Hump,
And How The Monkey Lost His Rump,
And Mr. Toad, and bless my soul,
There's Mr Rat and Mr. Mole--
Oh, books, what books they used to know,
Those children living long ago!
So please, oh please, we beg, we pray,
go throw your TV set away,
And in its place you can install 
A lovely bookshlf on the wall.
Then fill the shelves with lots of books,
Ignoring all the dirty looks,
The screams and yells, the bites and kicks,
And chkildren hitting you with sticks--
Fear not, becuase we promise you
That, in about a wek or two
Of having nothing else to do,
They'll now begin to feel the need
Of having something good to read.
And once they start--oh boy, oh boy!
You watch the slowly growing joy
That fills their hearts.  They'll grow so keen
They'll wonder what they'd ever seen
In that ridiculous machine,
That nauseating, foul, unclean,
Repulsive television screen!
And later, each and every kid
Will love you more for what youdid.
P.S. Regarding Mike Teavee,
We very much regret that we
Shall simply have to wait and see
If we can get him back his height.
But if we can't--it seves him right."

After a quote like that am I the only one that finds it ironic they made a movie based on the above quoted book :-)!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Skinning the Rabbit

I am so proud of Jacob.  He shot this rabbit with his b b gun.  Now that takes skill and determination!  He then wanted to skin it so he called Uncle Ron for some skinning advise.  Then he thought he wanted to look up how to skin a rabbit in a book.  He remembered reading something about it in "Back to Basics", so got that off the shelf and found what he remembered on page 187.  He then called Drew because he really wanted him  home when he skinned it.  Drew said he better go ahead before the carcass got stiff.  That left good ole ME to help him with the skinning :-).  I think we were successful but you can see the pictures and judge for yourself.

Little side note.  I didn't let the little boys watch even though they both wanted to and it is a good thing.  Baruch (5 years old) could not eat his lunch just thinking about the rabbit.  Abram (3 years old) when he saw the rabbit laying on the board said.  "That rabbit needs his Mama."  I did not inform him the animal was already dead.  As the intestines poured out I said "Oh look those must be it's intestines."  Jacob replied "Your just trying to make this educational so it doesn't seem so icky."  Isn't he perceptive!!!

Cob Kills His First Rabbit

Jacob came running in the house - thrilled!  Yes he shot his first rabbit.  I'll let you know how the skinning goes:-)

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