Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy Golden Birthday!

Twelve on the Twelfth
Apple Picking

Gifts from Grandma and Pa!

Hard at work breaking cement.

On the way home ; )

Party on the Fourteenth

Praying Mantis
At the Park

In hot pursuit of . . . 
A Bull Frog

Picnic Time

Rides home
Back to the house to frost your own cup cake

and open gifts

and pick some up : )

After the party came the post party surprise - ear piercing!

Making Abigail smile!


 Ear # Two
 The Worst is Over!
Friend Support.

On the way home Abigail said the day had been like a dream and she was waiting to wake up. The great party, all the wonderful friends, gifts and now having her ears pierced all seemed too good to be true!

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Tonya said...

Happy Birthday A!!!

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