Friday, August 30, 2013

Reunion Time

Here are some pictures from our recent reunion with four out of six of my siblings and their amazing spouses and as Ione would have said, "above average" children. [I missed you Renee (and family) and Mark!!!]

 The sea lion exhibit at the St. Louis Zoo!

 Drew and Matt
 Henry, Baruch, Dawson, Abram and Jason
 Terry and Michelle
 Mary and her favorite Uncle  - Tim
 The brother in laws
Tim, Eldon and Chip
(amazingly good sports as you can see)
 At the Pool with the Aunts
Our reunion started Aug. 18th. We left a day early, stopped at the zoo, then spent the night at a hotel. The next morning we visited a church and picked up my sister Renee's van so my brother Matt could drive it home to FL. Long story, that one, let me know if you want the whole story there and I will give it : )

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