Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dead on the Road Side

Jacob has been working hard to improve his running.  This is the conversation I heard this morning after Jacob came home from his run.

Jacob: If I can not be sore tomorrow I will be on the road to getting better
Chloe: You know Jacob, running on the road is dangerous, there are cars
Jacob: No, the road to success
Chloe: Yep, dead on the road side

Pretty hilarious!

I am very proud of both Mary and Jacob. They are both running cross country this season. It is pushing them (in a good way). They are both motivated to train and are seeing results.

If you are interested, here are their *and Abi's race results for the season so far:

Sept. 3 - Monroe
4 K JV Girls Mary: 25:18 pace 10:09
5 K JV Boys Jacob: 26:37 pace 8:34

An Extremely Hot Sept. 7 - Darlington
4 K JV Girls Mary: 26:53 pace 10:49
5 K JV Boys Jacob: 28:29 pace 9:10
1.3 Mile Junior High Abi: 11:30 pace 8:51

Sept. 21 - Mount Horeb
4 K JV Girls Mary: 23:00 pace 9:16
5 K JV Boys Jacob: 24:08 pace 7:47

*Abi has only raced once as not all the races are open to Junior High.

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