Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Slip, Bang!

We have been so busy throwing up around here I haven't had time to get organized for school.  On that premise I have made an executive decision to delay our starting up school for the New Year indefinitely :). No, but I am going to take the rest of this week to regroup. I have also been too busy to update the blog.  Friday night I stayed up late cleaning the kitchen so we could start fresh on Saturday. In retrospect, this was a bad idea. In the wee hours of Saturday morning, Drew started throwing up. I got up fairly early with children and Drew went back to bed. We had a low key morning and early afternoon. After sleeping a bit in the afternoon Drew came down to sleep on the couch and I went up to sleep upstairs. Chloe came wondering down, extremely whinny, after her nap.  I was still sleeping when I heard screams.  Chloe was dancing and fell, slip, bang, hitting her chin on the wood floor.  We looked at it and I couldn't tell how bad it was.  Drew thought we should call the nurse, I thought we should go get some butterfly bandages. He was too weak to argue and I regret not having listened to him. When I got to the drug store I had the pharmacist look at the ouchy with me and she thought it was an abrasion. Truthfully it grossed me out to look at it, and that sounded good to me so I bought triple antibiotic ointment and circle band-aids, applied both to the ouchy and headed home.  At 6:00 all of us, except Drew who was feeling week and having some hmmm hmmm loose stools, headed to some friends house to celebrate New Years. At this point Chloe had bled through a couple of the circle band-aids and I was getting ready to put another one on so asked the mom's present to take a look.  Then Chloe looked down and I noticed the area that I thought was an abrasion disappeared as the wounds closed up.  Our friends son is studying to be a paramedic so he took a look at it and I was vacillating between having him bandage it up or taking her into the ER. I ended up in the ER and she ended up with 6-8 stitches. I am still thanking the Lord for how good she was getting those stitches.  Not a peep the entire time!!  Thankfully they did not have to give her a shot to numb the area. Instead, the nurse applied a clear gel, with a monster band-aid. After 25 minutes the area was numb, the doctor came in and stitch, stitch. The fatty tissue disappeared as he worked. 

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