Monday, December 26, 2011

Zipper Pin

Here is what we gave Drew's Grandma for Christmas.  Mary and I ran into a friend at Wal Mart wearing one of these.  We both thought the pin fantastic.  When we got home I found this site:

My pictures didn't turn out but I am posting them anyway. I should have checke the pictures before securing the box.  I used a red zipper for "ribbon" on the box.

I was thankful that among my large collection of zippers there were a couple with metal teeth, and one long enough to make the pin. I scrounged up a straight pin with a cap to put on the back with a piece of fleece fabric.

Mary and I worked together on the test copy, where we didn't use glue, just held it in place. She made the final copy and did a fantastic job!


your friend from Iowa said...

saw it today! It's beautiful, great job Mary! I want to make one too!! Too bad I passed up that bag full of zippers at a garage sale this summer!

Rita said...

What a great idea and you did a wonderful job Mary.

P.S. Beth - seeing the pictures of the kids w/their instruments at Emeritus reminded me to tell you how much mom raved about what a great job the kids did in their recital to the residents and just how much the residents loved it.

Beth said...

Rita, So glad Mom enjoyed their piano playing. The kids got to play their pieces several times each as new residents came and went. They had a really good time performing. Just to clarify though the pictures of them with their instruments were taken here in town. We just couldn't fit all the instruments in for the Florida trip. Maybe next time. :)

amy in peru said...


i have never heard of this before, and it turned out great... we think of you (and Mary) often as Bria and Mya both play with the bonnet Mary made!! :)


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