Saturday, January 07, 2012

Random Thoughts and Happenings

I have really been enjoying reading through the prayers of Paul in the New Testament.
I am stuck on Romans 15. Asking myself where is my hope, who is my hope. what is hope.
HE, God is my hope. Scripture, God's word alive, Jesus - perseveres and encourages me.

I have had a little more time for reading blogs and have found great encouragement in these posts:
January's Joy Dare on Holy Experience
Feeling Like a Terrible Mother from Anne's Coffee Break
7 Thieves that Rob our Time

Oh I started flying with flylady again. I haven't done this since the late 90's. They, she, whatever have revamped and instead of your inbox being over inundated with huge amounts of emails you get one BIG email. I am ONLY reading the Fly Plan, when I receive the email's which is working great.

My dad's birthday would have been Thursday. I feel the pain of losing him 7 1/2 years ago. I feel that pain often. That is when I cling to God, His Word and am so thankful for His indwelling Spirit. Well, I will be cracking the whip around here in just two short days :). Since I just can't fit blog updating into the daily routine (unless something changes) my blog updates will dwindle immensely. I have really enjoyed our break but am ready to be back to the routine!

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