Monday, March 22, 2010

Beth's Birthday Celebrations

I have had a wonderful week full of Birthday Celebrations!  As a kid I used to run around screaming at the top of my voice box, "January, February, March eighteenth!"  It is no wonder so many people remember my special day ;-)  

My Celebration actually started the night before at bible study when Heidi fixed scrumptious chocolate pudding type cup cakes.  They were so good.  Everyone sang Happy Birthday to me.

My b-day morning dawned fair, unseasonably beautiful for the eighteenth of March.  Drew charged us up with Psalm 18 before heading off to work.  After a bit a school and an early lunch we met Drew at Menards to pick out wainscoting for above the tub surround in the bathroom.   The boys and Chloe took naps when we got home.  While they were asleep I put my cheesecake in the oven, instructed Mary E. on when to turn the oven from 450 to 250 and headed out with Jacob for his hair cut.  Then, when Drew came home, we went up to a nearby park for supper sandwiches on home made buns, sliced red, yellow and orange peppers and baby carrots.  I played Tickle Monster with the kids while Drew fixed the sandwiches.  He played tag with them after we ate.  We came home and ate the delicious cheesecake Mary had successfully removed from the oven while Cob and I were gone.  Oh man was it yummy!

Friday Drew and I had a date and he took me shoe shopping after a delicious salad at Village Inn and b-day club free one scoop at Cold Stones.  We went into the shoe store to get a pair of Birkenstocks for me.  Drew had purchased a pair for me at Christmas that I had to return because they were the wrong size.  So we were really Christmas shopping.  We came out with a pair of Birkenstocks (Christmas) PLUS a pair of tennis shoes (Birthday) AND leather uppers for Drew and Birkies for Mary Elisabeth.  We took advantage of the buy one second pair half off, or did it take advantage of us!!

Saturday I opened my package from my sister Dawnie.  She said a huge box with goodies for the kids.  They opened theirs Friday night, but I saved mine for Saturday.

Sunday we had long time friend from DeKalb come for Church, lunch and great fellowship in the Lord!

Monday we headed to Uncle Ron and Aunt Kari's to keep the celebration alive!  Kari very sweetly made chocolate brownie/peanut butter dessert.  The weather was great and the kids had a blast on Ron and Kari's acreage.  The bonus of the day was meeting the newest cousin, Caroline Ruth.

Birthday Booty

Gifts from Aunt Dawnie

More from Aunt Dawnie

Katie stitching

Cob, Sean and Bella

Ruthie enjoyed the poultry

I enjoy Caroline

Gifts for Baby

Grandma holds the living doll

Anna, Andria, Chloe, Abi and Mary (Grandpa Ron was holding Caroline)

Cob holds his new Cousin

Mary and Anna

Abi hold Caroline

Ah, Mary get's a turn to hold her new cousin

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Tonya said...

Happy Birthday girl!! Sorry I missed this post for some reason!! Glad you had so much fun and a baby squeeze.

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