Saturday, March 20, 2010

Baruch's Obsessions

Baruch absolutely, positively LOVES everything that flies.  It is a bit of an obsession with him.  He goes to sleep at night talking about building an airplane.  He wakes up talking about building an airplane.  He asks on occasion, "What do you think I should build, Mom, a boat, an airplane or a car?"  No matter what answer I give, he goes back to airplane designs.  He draws plans during the day for his building of the airplane.  He carries the plans around and shows anyone who will listen to him during the day.  He builds paper airplanes throughout the day.  The house is littered with scraps.  Scissors, tape and the stapler are in high demand and continuous use.  I am so enjoying this stage of life with my precious Baruch!

One of Yesterday's Planes

Models based on some planes he got for his birthday

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