Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bathroom Update

Before things get better they often get worse.  Such is the case with Drew's bathroom project.  What began as a - let's get rid of some mold turned into. . . Wow, there is a lot more mold than I thought.  Which turned into a torn up floor.  About a month ago, then, while fixing the floor, Drew glanced over and noticed the toilet leaking.  He spent the next week trying to track down the toilet leak.  When his dad called from Menards one day to tell Drew there was an American Standard toilet for sale for $50 Drew was ecstatic!  Now with the new toilet installed he began focusing on the shower plastic replacement.  You must remember, tax season is in full swing.  The man is leading his family in morning prayer, and nightly family time. His plan was to remove a small portion of the plastic and replace it.  He had the plastic cut and ready to go when I suggested replacing the whole surround.  He decided, as long as he was putting this much effort into the project it should be done right.  That night he tore off the plastic surround panel (which was cobbled on by the previous owner) to see what he had to work with behind it.  The next day we met out at Menards to pick out a new surround!  Below are some pictures of what he discovered behind the old plastic molding.

Facing the hall way

In this picture he has already reinforced the shower head side with boards. You can see the old plaster on the adjacent wall.  Some of the lath boarding at the bottom is missing so he told me he will need to reinforce this before putting up the new surround.

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