Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bathroom Update #2

Drew continues to faithfully plug away at the bathroom every available spare moment!

This is the new surround sitting in the hall way awaiting installation.  The white is covered with a protective blue plastic that will get pealed off at some point.

Drew put many boards that will serve to brace the tub surround when he installs it.  I thought it was really interesting to see what the bathroom must have looked like when the previous owners started their bathroom project.  They built a false wall out a bit from the original to fit it to the tub.  Drew plans to build some shelves into this little nook!  Won't the extra storage be great!

Drew has also gotten underneath the far corners of the tub, where water would collect during showers, and pounded them up so the water will run back into the tub.  He put supports under them to assure they don't somehow get pushed back down.

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Tonya said...

Go Drew, you man you...:)
Check BD greeting below!

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