Thursday, June 25, 2009

Slab Construction Day Two

The day dawned hot and muggy, excitement filled the air.  The rerod was down and cement truck arrived.

Just after the above picture was taken I took off to take the older three to tennis lessons.  The little ones and I came back home to check progress.  While we were away a news flash informed of a coming storm!  The men pulled a huge tarp over the slab and the rain fell.

After the rain the guys came back and smoothed the slab again.  The slab, however was compromised by the covering/rain so there are a few dips and one puddle spot.  Never the less, we are enjoying playing on it.  The puddle should only enhance our fun, right :-)!

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colleen said...

i left a post down by chloes pics i have not worked out this blog stuff yet do you get an alert when someone comments?

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