Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Blessings

Starting the day right - hee hee

 Mary, Cob, Abi and I ran the Turkey Trot this year. I am WAY back, so far back I don't think I am in this picture. The children were ahead of me but I can't find them in the picture either :)

Jillian, Mary and Abi
The girls model this beautiful family heirloom, The Lord's prayer in fine crochet.
Our hostess, Sheryll and I

The Richard ladies, Kathryn and Marilyn

The amazing Turkey
Rich carves the bird.

Kathryn, Marilyn and Jacob enjoyed playing a game of Skipbo
We really enjoyed participating in the Hunt's Thanksgiving tradition of reading a verse and expressing something you are thankful for.  they had a little basket with verses typed on slips of paper and kernels of corn in it. When the basket is passed you take one of each.  Then we each in turn read our verse.  When the basket was passed the second time, as you replaced your verse and kernel you shared something you were thankful for.  It was an amazing blessing to share in this tradition and to be with like minded believers to celebrate this holiday!

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