Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bathroom Update #9

This is the 9th and final bathroom update!! I am so thankful the bathroom is finished!!!!
As you walk in the bathroom from the hallway there is a tiny area where Drew built a shelf.  Steve capped off the shelves.
Here are the curtains I fashioned from a shower curtain.

I found these great rugs garage saling last summer and stuck them away for the day the bathroom was complete.  I knew even then I wanted to put up yellow paint on the top and white wainscot on the bottom. When my sister sent the yellow towels in the mail with my birthday box I was thrilled!!  Thanks Dawnie :)
Here's that shelf area just inside the door. I hung a curtain there to hide all the shampoo etc.  But I really want to point out the wood to the left of the shelving (right of the shower). Steve ridded us of the unfinished spot here.  He capped this end off with wood! In order to do this he removed the bathroom door and shaved just enough of the inside edge to allow the door to close without hitting the finishing wood. You can see the unfinished area best in the last bathroom update although it looked even worse just a bit lower than those pictures show.  There was an area gauged out from the door latch hitting it. I am beyond thankful for the way the bathroom turned out.

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