Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snapshot Summary #21

I am really enjoying putting together these snapshot summaries. It is about all the blogging I can handle with the school/house load at this point. I try to upload pictures throughout the week and write in a bit for each day on Friday night after the children are asleep. Here is what last week looked like, well here's a flavor of last week anyway.

4 - December, 2010
The snow coming down last night amounted to about 7 to 10 inches. I love the first snow fall. Everything sparkles with white and looks so clean and lovely. Drew left Chloe here and took the rest of the children sledding! They had a blast.

5 - December, 2010

I woke up this morning with a terrible head ache. Poor Chloe was still sick this AM too. Drew ended up keeping everyone here so he could take care of me and Chloe. I slept until 12:45, then took a nap with Chloe from 1:30 to 3:30!

6 - December, 2010
I am so thankful for how well the school schedule is continuing to go. In many past years by this point I have tried three different tactics with little success. I am praising the Lord for each day we can continue on target. I am also really thankful for a Bible Study book I order for the older 3 to do. It seems a little above Abi but I think Mary and Jacob are enjoying digging into God's Word

7 - December, 2010

We got Mary's dress project back out. She hasn't worked on it for a long time. I decided if it isn't in the dining room it will never get worked on. She is doing a great job on the dress. Unfortunately I influenced her to use a small sized pattern we had assuring her of my willingness to help her modify it to fit her. The modifications have been REALLY stretching my ability. I am just hoping the final product turns out well.

8 - December, 2010

9 - December, 2010

Drew finds a strange joy in capturing pictures of children crying. He really thinks they are cute when they cry. I took these pictures for his benefit.

Drew drove me to Aldi tonight. He dropped Mary and Abram off with me, then took the others to the pet store because they wanted to buy Bil Jacs - a dog treat Banjo really likes. The treats work great for training him.

Why is it she is hungry at bed time?
Mmmm! Mom you make yummy yogurt :-)

10 - December, 2010
We've got some serious dog training going on in this house! Mary has taught Banjo
  • Come
  • Jump through a hoop
  • and sit (almost)

Tonight the other children were working on

  • walking a beam
  • and jumping up on something

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