Friday, December 03, 2010

Snapshot Summary #20

27 - November, 2010
We spent the day setting up the computer, playing on photoshop and catching up on laundry. Oh and cleaning bedrooms. Last night when I went to tuck Chloe in I saw a flurry steak across the floor. MOUSE!!! I determined to clean under beds knowing I would find food somewhere. We cleaned, I did not find food BUT we caught the mouse in the night anyway.

Cob's photoshop of himself

Mary's photoshop of Chloe


28 - November, 2010

We were privileged to attend Anna's baptism! What a sweet and wonderful testimony of the grace of God! You will have to go to Kari's blog for pictures of Anna since we didn't get any. Thanks for inviting us to be a part of such an important day Anna! I love you!!!

I did get this picture on our way home :-)

Decorating the tree
When we got home the kids helped me do a living room pick up so I wouldn't be overwhelmed when we hauled up the Christmas boxes from the basement!

Abi and I fixing the lights that didn't work!

Chloe Love Lamb


29 - November, 2010

We had a good school day, stuck to the schedule and didn't take a single picture so here's one from later in the week as filler.


30 -November

Praise the Lord today was a lot like yesterday!

Banjo is amazingly oblivious of the chickens.
Here, even after I pointed out the chickens to him he was clearly not interested. I am thankful for this. I am hoping we can keep both as harmonious pets :-)

When Drew got home tonight we made the monthly Wal Mart run. I was so worn out he drove and took all the kids with him to get gas while I got started on the list. I was expecting him to call when they were done with gas so I could be looking for them in the store. I didn't realize until I got out to the van (parked near our pretdetermined meeting spot) that my phone was turned off in my pocket. The wind whipped things across the parking lot and i was thankful nothing flew out of my cart. I had all the groceries loaded by the time they came out. Everyone was eager to buckle in anticipation of their "treat" - raisins and cheese sticks for all!!


1 - December
We got a lot done today even though we didn't stick to the schedule. Here's Mary doing her math
Here's the beef and sausage I cooked all night for this months menu plan.
This picture represents the creative play taking place throughout the living room today!


2 - December

Happy Birthday Bill!! Drew's dad turned 71 today.

Welcome Avalyn!! Congratulations to all involved. My mom became a great grandma today! My sister Rita a grandma, and Kelsey and Lauron will now answer to Dad and Mom!! I must say she is a strikingly beautiful baby girl. For those interested - 7# 6 oz, 19".

Chloe LOVES Banjo. It's almost too much love sometimes. It takes a lot of supervision to have the two in the same room :-)

Abi wears an unsuspecting night cap

A peak underneath reveals plans for tomorrow!

3 - December, 2010

Poor Chloe did not feel well today. She ran a fever and even threw up. Mary took such good care of her while I took Abi and Cob to their string lessons. Then it was on to Aldi, then the food store to pick up some items for juicing in hopes of keeping the rest of us healthy. Drew picked Mary, Cob and Abi up around 3:30 for their Christmas recital at a nursing home. A steady snowfall started around 3:00 so that by the time they left the yard looked lovely.

The curlers worked!

The children with their teacher, Sarah

Sarah and her sister Rebecca

Back home after the recital. Drew said the children played really well. The residents LOVED it and were singing along (which made playing trickier than normal). The snow continues to come down as I type. We should have a nice blanket by morning as it is suppose to continue all night long! Drew is an awesome papa - he took all but Chloe sledding tonight. Chloe and I cleared the supper mess, played with Banjo and got some hot tea and popcorn ready for their return.

BTW, Mary played Winter Wonderland. Cob played All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth. Abigail played Oh Little Town of Bethlehem.

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