Friday, November 05, 2010

Snapshot Summary #16

30 - October, 2010

Michelle and Julia came over in the afternoon. The girls set up a nail painting, hair dressing and face painting center. Julia went for the pedicure. Baruch, the face painting. Mary was pleased she executed the pedicure so well since she has absolutely zero experience.

How to make a chicken feed bag into a baby carrier. First, feed the chickens day in and day out until the bag is empty. Then, think of something useful to do with the old bag. What better than a baby carrier. Next, convince mom that this idea is great! Tell her how you think you could carry Chloe around and what a help that would be. Now, find some rope, cut some holes and ask mom to help with the straps and ties. Viola!

31 - October, 2010

We were privileged to help Marilyn celebrate forty-something! The kids dressed up for reformation day. Pictured below are Martin Luther and his assistants.

We celebrated at the nursing home with

Marilyn's mom, Kathryn who requested I frost the cake with her special Seven Minute Frosting recipe. Marilyn requested a lemon cake. The frosting turned out really nice. I had never made frosting with egg whites. You beat the frosting until it peaked and it tasted a lot like a meringue. I tasted the smallest bit since I am tracking my food intake this week. The frosting tasted really good but the chocolate truffle Cob bought me won out over the frosting. I did enjoy a small piece of cake and gave Baruch and Chloe my frosting.

Drew helped Marilyn clean up around her mom's farm yesterday in preparation for an auction. He said it was really good to see Kathryn after seeing the farm, pictures and memories. It made his visiting with her very precious.

After the cake Marilyn conducted a wonderful horn concert with each of the children tooting when pointed to.

1 - November, 2010

Baruch has been asking if he could take a chicken for a walk. He detailed how he would leash Penny (aka Redneck) for the walk. I am just afraid the poor bird will be strangled to death so continue to say no. Today when we went for our daily walk he prepared a "chicken walking" trailer rig-a-ma-bob. To my surprise Penny clucked and sang and seemed to really like it.

The inventor and his poultry!

"Mom, can I walk? Mom, can I walk? Mom

I want to walk please. Please! mom can I walk?" Well I guess Chloe needs her exercise too. Problem is, when she is walking I am not power walking!

Abram had me read his letter from

Grandma S. over and over and over again. He just loved it. When I read the first line, "Dear Abram, Will you be my friend," his whole face lit up! Then, when I read "I need someone to play with me and pray for me," he was beaming radiantly! I think you have a new friend to play with and pray for you Grandma S.!

2 - November, 2010

Jacob working away on his Math.

Please Note the paper on the screen. This is so Mary does not know what lesson he is on. Oh yes, Mary keeps a paper up herself. I am sworn to secrecy and WILL NOT broadcast this information. They are both enjoying our new math very much. I think they are learning something too ;)

Abram loves to climb. I declare him part monkey! I am so thankful for this boys zest for life and perpetual good attitude!!

Instead of mat time Abram has been doing

some school. He is working through the Rod and Staff ABC series.

Here is the farm he made today in school (with Abi's help).

3 - November, 2010

When you go to bed and the table looks like this. You wake up and it looks like this.
That's when breakfast is served like this :)

Someone has been praying for this household. THANK YOU. We are experiencing His mercy. Jacob has been playing SO nicely with Baruch. While Mary and Abi were babysitting I was busy cleaning and getting organized with Abram and Chloe. Baruch and Cob were outside. After a bit Jacob asked if I could come outside to see something. He sat me down on the bench by the sand box and pretty soon I saw Baruch appear at the peak of the garage roof.
Now how could a mother complain when they were using safety ropes and having the time of their lives? I didn't, I just applauded, told them how much I enjoy each of them. How thankful I am that they play so nice together. Thanked Cob for thinking ahead and using the safety rope and then told them they better check with dad before climbing up there any more.

4 - November, 2010
Today Jacob said, "Mom, Baruch is fun to play with. It's more fun to play with him than to tease him." This is straight from the Lord! He and Mary have still had some moments but things are all and all going a bit better. I am thanking God, my refuge and strongtower!

5 - November, 2010

We profited by hosting science at our house today. We reviewed the digestive system, doing a few experiments along the way to enhance our learning. I am learning so much and loving it! After lunch we built a Digestive Theme Park. Each child drew an organ from the digestive system out of a basket and were suppose to create a ride, store, show . . . to correlate. I think everyone benefitted from the exercise and my girls look forward to finishing up some of what got started.

Abram next to his "Kidney Swing",

Jonathan had the gall bladder and Cob the mouth.

One last counter sit, drink of milk and love time before bed.

Good Night!


Amy in Peru said...

awesome! you really went all out documenting the happenings this week!


it sounds like whatever you've been doing has been working (sibling relations)... praise the Lord!

amy in peru

Beth said...

Thanks Amy. I checked and the link worked this week. Not sure why sometimes it doesn't. So glad for the Lord at work in the children and their relationships!

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