Saturday, October 30, 2010

Snapshot Summary #15

23 - October, 2010

Renee and the children, along with Bill and Mary came to help us celebrate Mary's birthday yet again! You only turn 13 once, right!?!?! I got a way late start on my day. I was just eating breakfast when Renee arrived! The house was a disaster so Renee pitched right in. She really deep cleaned my living room, which totally needed it!! Even got behind the couch and piano. We did eventually eat hamburgers and then played a few games before the icecream (we were kind of caked out if that is possible). Then Mary opened some gifts from her kissin' cousins, thoughtful Aunt (acne cream for the teenager) and Grandma and Pa.
Chloe just couldn't let poor Sophia alone. Well that is unless Sophia was on Aunt Nee Nee's lap. She had been pretending to be Sophia ever since her last visit. :-)

No one reads a story like Aunt Renee!

Mary loves the beautiful doll from Grandma and Pa.

24 - October, 2010

We had a low key day around here. Enjoyed some naps. I tried but just couldn't get geared up for the upcoming school week. :(

25 - October, 2010

I couldn't get into the school schedule today. I over-slept which started me off bad. We were behind before we started. I thought maybe I would concentrate on cleaning and getting organized but could never even quite get that together. When Drew got home Mary and I went to Wal Mart for our monthly run. Mary and I have been reading Raising Maidens of Virtue by Stacy McDonald. This spurred some wonderful conversations about how we are suppose to shine as lights for Christ through our womanhood. We read a chapter before we headed into Wal Mart and discussed the fact that what we wear conveys something about the God we live to glorify. I am always thankful to spend one on one time with a child, but was even more thankful when Mary said "Mom, these are things I have been wondering about and really wanted to talk to you about." I don't agree with everything in the book and thought some of the questions were leading down a legalistic path BUT it profited both Mary and I greatly to talk about these issues.

26 - October, 2010

It seemed like the children struggled to love each other more than usual today. Baruch and Abram got into it several times. Chloe had a runny nose which caused excessive clinginess. Mary walloped Jacob a mighty blow! Yes, my virtuous maiden! Let me explain. . . Jacob is so competitive and does everything so well it really makes for some challenging circumstances in our house. Mary was upstairs cleaning her closet when the offense took place. Jacob played one of her piano songs! I know it sounds innocent enough, but if you know Jacob EVERYTHING is a competition - and he was playing to be the best. Mary DID not want to afford him the opportunity. I feel really bad because I know if Drew and I were doing a better job protecting Mary and training Jacob to protect Mary, this would not be an issue. No time like the present to deal with it :-)
O.k. so Jacob didn't look all this bad but he did end up with a bloody nose!* Seriously - A bloody nose!

After supper, our neighbors, John and Miriam, came over to watch the first Biblical Financial Study video with us. We will start the study a week from Monday. I am really looking forward to the Lord working in my heart through this study. He has sure used it to convict me in the past.

27 - October, 2010

Ah! We got back on schedule today and although I did catch Jacob playing the beginning of Mary's piece once he seemed repentant and she forgave him without inflicting any bodily injury.

In lieu of math, Jacob and Mary took a placement test for Teaching Textbooks. I am not satisfied with their Math progress and am planning to plug them in at Math 7.

It was super windy today. Apparently our area is experiencing an inland hurricane. When we took our daily walk Abigail got knocked off her feet twice! There just isn't enough to that girl. :)

Mary forgot to finish the goulash so we were scrambling at 4:30 to get it on the stove. Thankfully it was ready on time. Mary started working on a dress. She is using the fabric Heidi gave her. She cut out the pattern with my help. She has never followed a pattern before so I am guiding her step by step. The pattern only went up to a size 14 so we (well mostly me) had to modify it a bit. So far it is coming along nicely. I will post a picture of the finished product, hopefully next week.

28 - October, 2010

I am really struggling with a lot of heart issues between siblings. There are an amazing amount of interactions going on in this house at any given moment. I AM so thankful to be back on the memorization of God's word with the children and in my own life. I don't know how I was functioning without it but I can sure see the fruit (or lack thereof) of my actions. I am trusting the Lord as we memorize together to change each and every heart in this household - starting with MINE!

29 - October, 2010
The Math 7 arrived already!! I cannot believe it. They are such an impressive company. The older two are already competing to see who can do the most lessons AND not allowing the other to see their scores or even be in the same room when they are doing the lesson. Oh Lord help me to know how to shepherd these precious hearts. I am earnestly calling out to Him moment by moment. Please pray with me as you feel led.

Ladies Bible Study blessed me tonight. Mary and Abi tagged along to watch any babies that needed tending. There were two babies there and both slept through the whole thing! Abi jokingly told me afterward it was a good thing they came along or else the babies would have been crying the whole time. Too true. Being at ladies group made me so thankful to be surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses! The ladies spurred me on to stand on the Lord's promises and be saturated with His word!

o.k. my snapshots have been pathetic this week. Sorry I didn't have the camera with me more often :). I should have entitled this one just summary - but there are at least a few snapshots and you get the minds eye sort of a snapshot anyway.

*I hope you realized this is not Jacob. I'm not sure where on the web Drew got this picture but I used it :-)


Tonya said...

don't grow is a continual thing to reach our children's hearts...however I love the statement that "this is 'what we do', parenting is not an 'ancillary' thing we do.." You are a great mom.

Amy in Peru said...

I'm in the same boat lately. My kids have too much time when I am distracted and they get into trouble with each other. Seems to me our Scripture memorization will help...
and prayer...
and me paying more attention...

and I'll pray for you when I think of you!


amy in peru

~Lisa, Scot, and Timmy said...

Girl, you most certainly have your hands full. I remember when I was a kid, being the oldest of 7, times when I thought my mom was going to pull her hair out when dealing with us. I laugh looking back at it but I also realize how frustrating it must have been at times. I get frustrated with the 1 I have. I can't imagine having a large family, like you, to deal with. I have to admit that's the one thing I don't desire to have. I really want 2 kids should God bless us with another but I am also fine with having just 1. Timmy keeps me completely occupied with his adventuresome I give it up to you moms with large families. You rock!

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