Saturday, October 02, 2010

Snapshot Summary #11

20 - September, 2010
I am really enjoying our science time this year. The book is full of "Try This" boxes with activities that reinforce what they are suppose to remember. This is a picture of the "Try This" box on mummification. This is the control apple. Unfortunately the test apple which was "embalmed" with baking soda and salt was not uncovered early enough to look much different. We started the experiment a couple days before leaving for Kentucky. I guess I should have put them both in the refrigerator. Really, most of the experiment are good ones, You gotta believe me on this one.

21 - September, 2010
Mary, Jacob and Abi had their first Autumn semester piano lessons! They are so excited to be back at the piano.

Wednesday and Thursday - I am amazed that we are staying on schedule so well. I put our entire school day on google calendar. Jennifer gave me the idea and it has worked great! I have a separate calendar for each child. Each calendar, therefor each child has a unique color. Once I have worked out all the bugs I plan to post the whole thing on the wall like I did last year. My laundry seems to be getting further and further behind and I am not sure when to fit it in. I may have to give up posting these updates so I can fold laundry :-).

24 - September, 2010
A very full day! Mary and Jacob had fiddle and guitar lessons from 9-10 AM. I took the younger children to a nearby park to play. It was a cold windy morning and I had not packed enough jackets so everyone was in and out of the van to warm up. I had to use the restroom, took Chloe with me. . .Abi was in and out getting a my sweater for Abram. . .Then it happened! The keys got locked in the van. Everyone had gone back to the play equipment and there I was, trying each door in turn in vain. "Well guys" I announced, "we are about to embark on an adventure." We were suppose to pick Mary and Jacob up at 10 AM about a mile from the park. It was now 9:40. I estimated we could walk it, if we really booked. Of coarse, my emergency cell phone was locked in the van with the keys. A kind hearted citizen noticed Chloe's bare legs, did I mention it was really chilly and the wind was blowing? Well, it was really chilly and the wind was blowing, so seeing Chloe's bare legs this kind lady gave us a ride to the lesson. Mary and Cob's teacher very kindly let me call Drew who informed me of a hidden spare key. Then the teacher drove us over to the park, found the key and voila, we were off to our friends house for our science co-op! Tonya did a great job reviewing our first lesson. Then the kids all built a cell using jello for the cytoplasm, a gum drop for the nucleus, jelly beans for the mitochondria, skittles for the centrioles, fruit roll ups for the ER(endoplasmic reticulum), sprinkles for the ribosomes. . . What a great cementing activity. We got home and Chloe was asleep so I carried her up, then some neighbor boys came over to play and stayed for homemade pizza. About 6:15 I headed out for a ladies bible study and truly enjoyed the fellowship and encouragement from God's word.

Chloe and Abram played SO nicely together Friday after Chloe woke up from her nap. The held hands and Abram led her around. They played legos, puppy and in the sand box. I am so thankful when the children enjoy each other. It does happen!

25 - September, 2010
I took Mary, Cob, Abi, Baruch, and Chloe to visit Great Grandma while Abram helped Drew build some shelves in the bathroom. Grandma Ruth inspires me every time I visit with her. She has an insatiable curiosity, a zeal for learning and a love of playing word games!

UPWORDS with Grandma!

While others napped

A visit to Pikes Peak before heading home

We got home about 7:25. Drew put those at home to bed while Mary and I made the monthly Wal Mart run, as well as the weekly Aldi/Sam's Club run. The new menu plan has helped me stream line my shopping lists but we still didn't get home until 9:45! Drew came down to help unload while I put away fast and furious. I was exhausted when I climbed in to bed about 10:45 PM!


25 - September, 2010

I woke up with a BIG BAD headache! UGH! I shuffled down stairs and chopped an onion and stuck it in the crock pot, then put a roast on top. Rubbed it down with s/p first. Then made my way back up stairs to bed. Cob was so sweet, he brought up peppermint oil for me to rub on my temples, a big glass of water, and an ibuprofen, all of which I gladly accepted. Drew took everyone to church. About 10:45 i rolled out of bed feeling SO much better. I fried an egg for myself, which improved my headache even more. I was so thankful not to be battling that headache while Bill and Mary were here! I did manage to get a nap in while Grandma loved up the non-nappers!

Grandma loved up some of the nappers too!! (after their naps) That Grandma just loves good lovin'! It was really cute, Chloe was giving Grandma all kinds of good loving. When I produced the camera - in shot Abram from who know where.

Abi got this great sewing box from Aunt Dawnie. She brought it down in the afternoon and made an announcement that she would do any mending for a penny. I quickly produced the pair of jeans she is carrying. She put a nice neat patch on them. I felt too guilty to just pay a penny so gave her a substantial tip.

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Tonya said...

That is so wonderful! Our days have slowly spiraled from going great to a little off kilter making my brain spin. NOt sure if the brain spinning came from the off kilter or the off kilter came from the brain spinning but hey, grace is abundant and I have all morning to get my 'office' work done. I so love homeschooling, but some days...ugh..

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