Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Girls in Dresses (For Aunt Kari)

Here are some vacation pictures of the girls in the dresses I made. This post has been specially put together for Aunt Kari. I love ya!

First Business upon arriving at the Passmore Place :-)

Abigail feeding a lorikeet.

Mary feeds a lorikeet too.

Abigail, Meleah, Mary and Cob

After precious gem mining


Mary mining for her precious gems.

Abi feeding another lorikeet.

My Mary girl.

This was taken when we first set off from home.


Heidi said...

LOVE the dresses Beth! You are a whiz at that sewing thing, was the pattern hard? I'm thinking about dusting off the 'ole sewing machine and giving it a whir again. It is so gratifying to see something you actually made. What a joy for your girls to have something handmade by mama. Great job Beth! P.S. I know I'm not aunt Kari, but I liked them anyway. :)

your friend from Iowa said...

Thanks, Heidi, I couldn't have said it better myself! Love the fabrics Beth and the way you put them together! Love the pics! Thanks! ~~~Aunt Kari

Beth said...

Heidi, The pattern was one Aunt Kari had used and I liked so purchased. It is very easy and easy to modify for varying sizes. I would love to let you barrow it any time. Happy I may have inspired you to dust off your machine. The trick is finding the time to sew. You are so right about the gratification it brings!

Beth said...

Kari, I am glad you enjoyed the pictures. Funny thing, when I was shopping for the fabric I was thinking about all the cool prints you have mixed together. You are an inspiration when it comes to thinking outside the box. You inspired the stripe/flower/solid choice.

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