Thursday, September 09, 2010

Snapshot Summary #9

1 - September, 2010
Our new Cannon Snapshot Camera arrived in the mail!!


2 - September, 2010

Brook Arrives!

Brook is home on furlough from serving the Lord in Tanzania. She visited us after some traveling out west, and on her "way" to Michigan. She has quite a travel schedule! I invited the ladies from church to come and hear how the work in Tanzania is going. A nice group gathered in our living room. Brook gave a really nice interactive update. The girls that came with their mom's participated nicely. One little girl, Eliora impressed me with all she knew about Tanzania. Come to find out she has really been listening as her mom reads through "Jungle Doctor" series by Paul White. So I've jumped ahead to Friday. I didn't get any pictures of our ladies meeting but you can see what Drew and four of the children were up to.


3 - September, 2010

Camping with Papa and Grandpa (and cousin Anna)!!!!!!


5 - September, 2010

Drew, Brook and the older four went to the museum while the babies slept and I played catch up. When the wee ones woke up I met them down at the river walk. The breeze kept away the bugs but the overcast sky made it a bit chilly. I am not complaining. After all of our hot days I welcome the crisp autumn air!


6 - September, 2010

Drew and Cob took off for a running race. The rest of us said goodbye to Brook and loaded up in the van to watch the runners. We camped out just before the half way point and saw lots of people we knew running.

Our neighbor Paul (who came in 2nd for the 5K, BTW)



Ezra, Cob, Andrew D. and our Andrew


Keep up the awesome job!!

Dennis got goofy when he saw the camera :)


8 - September, 2010

I made a sleeve for our camera. Abram helped! Then Abram fashioned a bag for himself. This was his very first sewing project. He did an awesome job working the peddle and staying relatively on coarse. Below he is holding the finished product!

The boys and I went to do a car exchange as we had some work done on the van. When we returned home the girls had dressed all up and were dancing!

We enjoyed having our neighbors here for supper. Just as us adults finishing up Baruch came in yelling about a hawk on the trampoline. It took me a long time to spot it. There it was perched on top of the net that surrounds the trampoline. For the second picture I used the zoom but couldn't keep still enough to get a clear shot. I think it was a peregrine falcon checking out our chicken. Mmmmmm chicken nugget for supper. What think ye?

This wraps up another week with The Tribe. After all these pictures, it might be hard to believe, but this barely scratches the surface of the flurry of activity that took place in this house over the past week. Not to mention the gamete of emotions, sin problems, failures and victories that occurred. I have been pondering what it means to be a friend and seeking the Lord's face as I study His word. I am finding I know little of the love of Christ. His pure and perfect love. I am being extremely humbled.


~Lisa, Scot, and Timmy said...

Some of your pictures aren't there. You have kept up with you blog great this summer. You've done better than me. I need to stay on the

Beth said...

Sorry you couldn't see all the pictures. If you saw Abram's buns, you saw the important ones :-). No, seriously, they all show up for me. Thanks for the encouragement on the blog entries. I sure enjoy your posts. Makes me feel a part of what's going on with you and yours.

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