Friday, September 10, 2010

Snapshot Summary #9 Addendum

8 - September, 2010
I just had to add these pictures of Abram's first sewing project. I felt the volume of the original post was slightly overwhelming so omitted these but I want to remember forever the excitement wherewith Abram undertook this task. He was so SO precious, he even fed the cord through, almost all by himself :-).

I didn't think to grab the camera before this stage. At this point he had already turned down the top of his rectangular fabric and sewed that. He had also sewed along the chalk mark I made after we folded the rectangle in half.

Feeding the cord through

Still feeding the cord through

Oh man, feeding that cord through is a tedious task!

Ah! The end at last.

Evening out both sides

Sewing the final seam up to the cord at the top.

Turning the bag inside right

The finished product!

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