Monday, September 27, 2010

Snapshot Summary #10

10 - September, 2010
We all worked together to pack for our week vacation! After everyone else was in bed I finished these matching outfits for the girls.


11 - September, 2010

We drive long and hard AND arrive at our family reunion! Terry and Eldon had already arrived. Matt, Michelle and kids got there shortly after us and a bit later David, Renee and kids pulled in. Above is a picture of David and Drew. It was great to see my sister and her family. 3 1/2 years is just TOO long!


13 - September, 2010

We visited Rough Dam Lake. It was an amazingly beautiful day.

Uncle Drew, drew a crowd for a read aloud


14 - September, 2010

We visited Kentucky Down Under. It was a really neat zoo type place.

A typical answer to the question "Did you have a good day Baruch?" is "Well, sort of, but no one played with me." It's not so much that no one played with him as it is that he likes to play different sorts of things. His cousin Julia enjoyed the same things. Here they are examining their catch. They built a home for it with a playground and really had a great time for hours with their pet before releasing it.

Wednesday Drew, Chloe and Lydia

15 - September, 2010

In the morning we found our way to "Lost Cave". We all took a really neat tour of a cave in a boat. The guides did a great job.

That evening we had our annual talent show. Here Jacob and Melvin played for us. Each of the children had an opportunity to perform. Then the adults had an opportunity to perform. Matt entertained us all with some hilarious antics. Then separately the children came up and quoted scripture. The night ended with a group song from David, Renee and family of the "Fifty, nifty United States". Below is their family.

David, Renee, Georgie, Sophia,

Julia,Lydia, Meleah and Davey

Above are some of the kids. Between Matt, Renee and I there were 16 children, 12 and under!


16 - September, 2010 Uncle Chip and Morgan

Our family split up, well not the Drew and Beth family. Terry, Eldon, Matt, Michelle and children, David and Renee and children went to a train museum with a train ride. The rest of us went for a short, kid friendly hike in Mammoth Cave National Park.

Green River


17 - September, 2010

Is Aunt Terry keeping Chloe warm or vice versa?

Drew took Baruch and Abram canoeing down the Green River. They had an amazing time. The other children and I packed and organized then went to a pool for the day. We went back again that night after supper.

Abram - out to eat


18 - Septemeber, 2010

We were off for the long sad drive home. If it weren't for the hope of our October visit with David, Renee and kids I think we all would have had a MUCH harder time saying goodbye to all the loving Uncles and Aunts and all the kissing cousins. As it was, good-bye was a big Boo Hoo!! When we pulled into town we went straight to a local grocery store that has an all you can eat buffet. I was SO thankful not to have to scrounge something up.

I REALIZE I AM leaving out huge events such as:

  • Abigail's b-day celebration complete with gifts for all her siblings from Aunt Dawnie
  • Uncle Matt's b-day celebration and gifts for all the kids from Grandma, Uncle Eldon and Aunt Terry
  • More talent show pictures
  • The pinata and hoopla that accompanied it
So I am hoping to get a slideshow of the reunion with more photos but since we upgraded our operating system I am not sure how to accomplish this at this time.


your friend from Iowa said...

Girls 'IN' the matching outfits, please!

Beth said...

I'm a workin' on it, truly I am!!! You gotta believe me, I really am :-)

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