Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Kids Quotes and Ramblings

We really enjoyed having Drew's parents here for overnight Sunday night. They weren't going to come until after lunch but I told them I would make a roast and we could eat a bit later if they would eat with us. Then the roast wasn't done and I was CompletelY unorganized so Drew went to Sam's to got burgers and his parents met him out there. I organized what I could ;-) in the hour and a half they were gone. They enjoyed a few samples at Sam's but were still (at least the kids were) starving by the time the burgers were done. Then we had the roast for supper. Bill put in some switches upstairs in the bathroom. (Maybe I should have titled this Bathroom Update # I've lost track it's been so long.) He also got some things in line to install an exhaust fan in the laundry room since the dryer moisture seems to linger in that room. In the basement the warmth was nice, even the humidity wasn't bad down there, especially in the winter. But upstairs it seems to heat everything up, especially with our hot hot, humid summer. I do my best to keep the door closed. I LOVE having the laundry all upstairs so I am not complaining, just super thankful there will soon be a fan. I worked on cleaning the attic above the laundry room so it will be done when they need it clear for wiring and venting and so forth. Drew's mom played lots and lots of games with the kids which was so nice, as I was able to get a ton done upstairs.

O.K. Here's those kids quotes:
Chloe - after tinkling on the potty - "I'm so proud" with a huge grin on her face (I so wished I could have captured that precious face with a photo but chances are she would have "smiled" for the camera and I would have missed it. hee hee)

Chloe - after tinkling on the potty a different time - "AMAZING!"

Chloe - after tinkling on the potty yet another time - "Mama, aren't you going to clap?"

Yes, the potty training is going extremely well!

Abram - during evening rocking time - "Mom, are you going to sing tonight?"
Mom - not able to tell if singing was a liked or disliked activity - "Why?"
Abram - "Because it is so relaxing!"

Chloe - After playing for several hours at Jumpin' Janes - "Fun! Fun! Fun! Jumpin' Janes!!"
She could have been on a commercial, it was so cute!!

More News:
Abram's name was drawn for a prize of 5 free passes to Jumpin' Janes! Our library offers the children a summer reading program with all sorts of prizes. They just keep track of their reading and bring in a sheet (provided by the library) with X's over the days they've read. I'm not explaining it very well, but you get the idea. When a child has finished (and read) all, was it 21 or 28 days, of reading their name is entered in a drawing. We had two winners in our family. Baruch won a $10 certificate to Video Games Etc. and Abram won the Jumpin' Janes' passes! The children LOVED Jumpin' Janes. I did too! Parents can go on the blow up equipment with their kids and I was having a blast chasing and bouncing until I jammed the papa toe on my left foot. :-(! OUCH! My poor toes have taken a beating this summer!!

We had our last of a six week study with our neighbors tonight. Drew does such an amazing job keeping our focus on God's word. He also tells so many appropriate, teachable, applicable stories that drive home all the truths we are learning. I am so blessed to have such a man for a husband! We went through a great study called "Christianity Explained". It sounds like they are interested in doing the next study in the series, "Discipleship Explored". I'm not sure when we will start that, but am so thankful they were open to and better - excited about doing another study. We helped them celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with one of my favorite desserts, Marble Cheesecake!

My friend Brook arrives tomorrow! She is home (her home church is in NC) on furlough from Tanzania and making the rounds. She will be arriving after several weeks on the road with many more to go. I am so looking forward to seeing her.

Oh, we purchased a new camera! A sony something or other (Drew did the research and shopping, can you tell?). The camera arrived today, along with the batteries, charger and computer software. We are awaiting the memory card so we can keep capturing the moments of our lives :-). I anticipate a snapshot summary in the near future!

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