Thursday, September 02, 2010

Gearing Up For this School Year!

The school schedule is coming along nicely. We are easing into the schedule this week. I am working on tweaking different aspects of the schedule. I am finding some short falls and making changes. Some time mid October I expect all the "bugs" will be worked out and I can write up the final schedule for the wall. No I am NOT behind, I planned it this way (well sorta). Here are some of the curriculums we are hoping/planning to use this year.

What the Bible is All About for Young Explorers
(Younger Four)

What the Bible is All About
(Oldest Two)

No photo - Sorry

Tapestry of Grace (Year One)
(covering history, geography, literature and fine arts in one fell swoop, well sorta)
and all of the wonderful books that go along with it
Exploring Creation through Anatomy and Physiology

Shurley English Level Six
(Oldest Two)

All About Spelling Level One

All About Spelling Level Two
(Oldest Three)

Saxon Math 5/4

Saxon Math 6/5

Teaching Textbooks Math 4

Whew, It actually all fits very reasonably into the google calendar schedule I created. Reality may be completely different BUT I put in cushion and am hopeful :-). For those interested you can create a new calendar for each child in the family and each has its own color. I added an appointment calendar, a meal plan calendar and a family even calendar as well as a B-day/anniversary one. If you want to view my calendars let me know and I can invite you.


Tonya said...

I am soooo glad you are getting a camera!! whoo hoooewww....
Abby is reading the explorers bible and we sure do love those apologia elementary books, can't wait to do human body as we have never done that thru all my 10 years yet...I struggle to get through them...

Beth said...

Tonya, The memory cards came yesterday so Drew is excitedly reading the instruction manual. We are dividing for camping and ladies night tonight and he will take the camera. I was looking through the human anatomy book and am VERY excited to be doing it. Bonus: Every other week I am meeting with a friend to do the final project for each lesson. I so need this accountability or I just let science slip. I don't know what it is about science that I just let it go so I can relate to the struggle to get through them!

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