Monday, August 02, 2010

Snapshot Summary #6


27 - July, 2010

We had a decent time at the fair. It was extremely hot. Everyone really enjoyed the "Wild Animal Show". The guy really kept things moving and brought out some amazing animals. We mainly came to the fair to see how the girls came out with their entries. They both got first place - blue ribbons. Mary on her four items and Abi on her rag doll. I personally thought Mary's doll dress should have won a Best of Show ribbon but I am her mother :-)

28 - July, 2010

I met some friends at a park and one of them explained "Tapestry of Grace" curriculum to all of us. It was very informative and a wonderful time of fellowship with like-minded home schooling mothers. The mom who explained the curriculum brought along her daughters to watch the rest of us mom's children. I am very impressed with each of these daughters. They really seem to have a heart to serve the Lord and bring glory to His Name. I am only sorry I forgot my camera.

29 - July, 2010

We had our second Bible study with a couple in our neighborhood. We are going through the Gospel of Mark and so far it has been wonderful. I must say, Drew is an awesome Bible study leader. He is an amazing man!


30 - July, 2010

We enjoyed a visit from our good friend Carol. She loves the kids and it was really good to have her stop by for a bit. The children have been unusually wild for several days. Before Carol came we made our weekly Aldi run. The kids were SO amazingly helpful while we were rushing through the store checking off our list. BUT, when I was waiting to pay they were so out of control it was unbearable. We made it through and I was able to be thankful and didn't get angry. I did correct, and it was way more effective because I was thankful! Pictured below are Abi and Baruch using up some of their endless energy resource. Literally climbing the walls.

Saturday 31 - July, 2010

We got an early start to Pa and Grandma's. Drew had plans to extend the tongue on our trailer. He put in a very full days work with his Dad. Jacob and Abram stayed at Pa and Grandma's while the other four children came with me to visit Uncle Ron and Aunt Kari's farmet. Here are the pictures of the fun Baruch, Abi and Mary had playing with Anna. Kari and I prepared food, cleaned up after everybody, took Chloe for a walk/nap, and had some time for talking and enjoying each other's company.

About 4:45 ish I headed over to Pa and Grandma's for supper. We had a really nice meal all together. We were only missing Grant who showed up a bit later when he was done with work. The kids really enjoyed riding bikes and just running around. Chloe LOVED these little dress up shoes Grandma had found garage saling and clomped all around in them.

1 - August, 2010
Little did I know Saturday night we were going to head back to Pa and Grandma's first thing Sunday morning. After a nice sleep in I showered and dressed and headed down to start in on getting the children ready. Drew had left the trailer and after thinking more about it decided we should really go down and finish the project. He was concerned the trailer tongue would begin to rust if it wasn't painted promptly. In 15 minutes flat we headed out the door with spaghetti for supper, children dressed, pancakes packed and the dishwasher started. Grandma was so cute, when we met them at their church for fellowship she kept saying "Oh lucky day, oh lucky day". We sure always feel a warm welcome at Pa and Grandma's! We enjoyed their church service and had another nice day - well, naps were a bit rough, but all in all it was nice :-). Pictures of the new and improved tongue have not been taken as of yet.

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